SBI Prepares Rachael Cohen for Two Opportunities a World Apart


After graduating from SBI in 2012, Rachael Cohen (Class of 2014, Mathematics major, minors in Business, Business Analytics, and Chinese Studies), studied abroad in Shanghai, China, where she interned at the Xintu Center for Community Health Promotion. According to Rachael, her SBI experience was a key factor in her employer’s decision to hire her. While working at Xintu, Rachael worked as a management and marketing intern for the Xintu Center, which provides health promotion material for migrant workers, the disabled, and the elderly. Rachael found that the marketing experience she developed in Competitive Effectiveness helped her create posters and pamphlets for her employer, and that her management training was invaluable in helping the Xintu Center run more effective meetings.

Rachael Cohen (Back Row, 3rd from Left) at the Xintu Center for Community Health Promotion

Rachael Cohen (Back Row, 3rd from right) at the Xintu Center for Community Health Promotion

After returning to the United States, Rachael interned with Coty, Inc. in New York and with SBI at Villanova University. Rachael has recently accepted a position with Deloitte Consulting in Arlington, Virginia. Rachael noted that Deloitte was very impressed with her Mathematics background, and that the Business Analytics minor she began after graduating SBI gave her an additional edge. In this way, she was able to  capitalize on her blended education and make her resume stand out to prospective employers. Rachael also credits her successful job hunt to the networking skills she learned in SBI; the Professional Success Networking Reception gave her valuable hands-on experience, and her prior exposure to online professional networking helped her find a contact in Deloitte via LinkedIn. The knowledge and skills Rachael learned in the Summer Business Institute have prepared her for opportunities with nonprofits and Big Four consulting firms, both in the United States and abroad.

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