Let What You Love Be What You Do.


Hey there– Samantha Wheeler here!  The new Assistant Director of Business Minor Programs in the Clay Center at VSB–the long way to say I am students’ main contact in VSB during the business minor experience!  I took over the reins from Trish Burdo in November of 2013, and have since been affectionately nicknamed “The New Trish” by SBI alums and interns alike.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a very visual person, so here’s a picture of me with my favorite Big Cheese.


I came to Villanova off a year-long stint at KPMG LLP working as an Audit Associate.  I graduated from VSB in May of 2012 with a degree in Accountancy and Management Information Systems (MIS).  I could not be more excited to be back home at Nova, and I am absolutely thrilled to working with students who have chosen to enhance their Villanova Experience by investing in their futures through the business minor programs.

My office is located on the first floor of Bartley Hall in the Clay Center Suite.  It’s easy to locate with the Quote of the Week portion of my office wall and my oversized, colorfully-decorated chalkboard.  I also strive to have upbeat music playing at all times (see the playlist below for a sampling of my musical prowess– I promise, it won’t disappoint). I try to be in my office every day from 9-11a and 1-5p and I’m always available for both scheduled and walk-in appointments along with answering questions via phone call and email.

Currently, I am in the throws of the SBI recruiting and application busy season.  My favorite part of the position so far has been meeting with students who have applied for the 2014 SBI program and connecting with SBI alumni.  It’s great to put applicants’ faces with names and profiles, and the SBI alums and ambassadors are constantly making me feel welcome; it’s like I’ve always been part of the SBI family.

Like the SBI Class of 2014, this will also be my first experience with the Summer Business Institute and I cannot wait until the program is in full swing.  Knowing some of the students’ backgrounds who are participating in the 2014 program, I’m also excited for the team presentations at the end of the summer.  Through talking to alums, I know there are additional high points throughout the summer, such as the Professional Success course’s Etiquette Lunch and Snack-time on Friday.  I know that the coming summers are going to be amazing and feel truly blessed that I am able to share in students’ Villanova Experiences.

Now if only I knew who to talk to about planning some awesome and delicious Friday Snack-times…

Interested in contacting Sam?  Email:  samantha.wheeler@villanova.edu  Phone: (610) 519-6669

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