Ambassador Profile: Gregory Dahl


I’m Greg Dahl, an SBI 2013 alumnus who works for the program as a marketing intern and SBI ambassador. I’ll be writing many of the posts you’ll be seeing here on the SBI blog, and I thought I’d tell you a little bit about who I am and what I got out of SBI.

When I first heard about SBI, I was reluctant to sign on. There can be an impression among non-business majors, particularly arts students like myself, that going for a business minor is a type of surrender, a back-up plan for students who aren’t confident about the marketability of their primary major. I knew that I wanted to go to law school and work as an attorney after I graduated, so why should I spend a summer preparing for a career in “business”?

After putting this first impression aside, I realized that my prospective legal career had a lot to gain from a business minor. A background in business would make me more effective at addressing legal issues that intersect with business concerns, and a law practice is ultimately a business that needs to be managed and marketed like any other. I decided to get my business minor with an eye toward one day becoming a more effective (and yes, a more marketable,) attorney.

Greg Dahl

…let’s certainly hope so

I certainly haven’t regretted the decision to take SBI. I loved learning about the fundamentals of business law in corporate responsibility and regulation, but the skills, experience, and confidence I obtained through SBI go far beyond that. To make a long story short, I left SBI a much more capable and confident student and employee, in any field, than I was going in to the program.

As far as my career aspirations go, I haven’t abandoned the legal field for marketing or accountancy, but I’ve found that my SBI experience has made me much more effective at pursuing my goal than I otherwise would be. SBI hasn’t weakened my conviction that I want to practice law for a living, it’s strengthened it, and it’s made me far more confident that I am capable of doing so.

That’s a big part of what I hope to communicate through my work with SBI. Taking part in SBI doesn’t mean that you’ve given up on your major or your career aspirations, it means that you’re building on them. At the very least, you’re writing a line on your resume that will make you more attractive to employers in your chosen field. But that’s not all. You’re also developing a greater awareness of the business and economic environment in which your field operates. Most importantly, you’re earning the abiding confidence that comes from knowing you can rise to a project that is long in its duration, unfamiliar in its content, and demanding in its expectations. That’s the type of confidence that comes from competence, the type of confidence that will serve you well in any field. In sum, don’t just think of SBI as an investment in your future, think of SBI as an investment in the future that you want for yourself.

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