Fast Five with Dan Suskevich


Dan Suskevich (SBI 2013, Villanova 2015) is a Computer Science major pursuing minors in Criminology and Honors.

What was your favorite course in SBI and why? 

Professional Success helped me a lot with how to shape up my resume, and surviving networking situations and interviews but I think CE was my favorite course. It challenged me to solve a problem without a necessarily correct answer, but a really good one. Working with a team with very diverse academic backgrounds helped us approach the final project from all angles, and in interviews companies have loved hearing about our project and how we worked in a group setting.  

What’s the most helpful thing you learned in Professional Success? 

It was probably the advice I gained from the interview assignment. I interviewed a software engineer at Google who gave me very valuable advice for shaping up my technical resume and landing a great internship in the technology industry! 

What was the most challenging part of SBI for you, and how did you overcome that challenge? 

The most challenging part of SBI was probably CE. It required a lot of work and made my team think in ways we never had to before and be innovative, but I think that it also brought us together to come up with a great final proposal.


As part of his CE project, Dan visited the Philadelphia showroom of Knoll, Inc., a furniture manufacturer that emphasizes modern design. For the summer 2013 CE project, students prepared a plan to help Knoll penetrate the higher education market.

How do you plan to use your business education in the future?

I plan to use my business education to help me find an internship where I can use my Computer Science background while working for a major company. Though I may not be directly doing accounting or finance, SBI helped me look at situations with a new paradigm, which has been very useful in my career so far, and will continue to be a major asset in the future. 

How would you sum up your SBI experience in one sentence? 

SBI is a large commitment, and is challenging at times; if you put in the effort, the potential rewards are amazing.

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