Ambassador Profile: Jiyoung Chun


Hi, I’m Jiyoung Chun and I am currently a Junior Biochemistry major with a Business and Art History Minor.  Here, I’ll be sharing some friendly insight about SBI.

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What is the first reaction when my peers hear “I did SBI over the summer!”? The reaction usually goes a little something like this… “Wow, 10 weeks? How did you do that? Wasn’t it difficult? I give you a lot of credit.” Although SBI was very challenging because I had never taken a business course in my life before, there have been many benefits that have come from finishing the program.

I wouldn’t fret too much about whether or not you are going to pass the courses. SBI does a great job to give students a well-rounded idea about business during the first course called “Business Fundamentals.” Throughout the ten weeks, I developed great friendships with both my classmates and professors, as we worked together to thoroughly understand the material introduced in all of the courses. In the end, not only did I come out of the program with a complete understanding of business fundamentals, but I was also able to further pursue my interest in Business by applying to become one of the Marketing Interns for the Summer Business Institute. I enjoy working for SBI and would love to talk to anyone who has any personal questions about the program.

Interested in contacting Jiyoung?  Email:

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