Fast Five With Taylor Hamilton


Taylor Hamilton (SBI 2012), Graduated Villanova University in 2013 with a major in History and minors in Business and Japanese. 

What have you been up to since graduating SBI? 

Since graduating from SBI and Villanova, I was accepted into the Teach For America program and am now a Secondary Mathematics Teacher and Football Coach back in Hawaii.

How has your SBI experience helped you since graduating? 

SBI has really helped me to step up my professional game in the real world now. It was so valuable for me to hone these foundational business and professional skills. Out of all the classes I took at Villanova, my SBI classes are truly the most memorable and applicable classes I have taken.

What was the most helpful thing you learned in Professional Success? 

This might sound ridiculous but the most helpful tool I learned from Professional Success was dress code and attire. Being from Hawaii, our culture does not stress proper attire in the business world as in the Northeast, and it was a valuable trait for me to understand the attire and how you need to present yourself physically when stepping into an interview or day by day at work.

What was your favorite class in SBI? 

My favorite course was definitely Competitive Effectiveness. Dr. Arvanites and Dr. Kees gave me so much insight into management and marketing and I especially been able to apply the management skills I learned into my current job as a Secondary Mathematics Teacher.

Taylor Hamilton

How do you plan to use your business education in the future?

I plan to use my business education in the current field I am in, which is secondary education. My vision is the be an effective administrator someday, and the skills I honed from SBI are helping me to be organized, efficient, and to become a leader in the field and to one day achieve that dream.

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