SBI a Year Later: Megan Smith Looks Back

Megan Smith
I’m Megan Smith (SBI ’13), a junior studying Psychology and Sociology and SBI Ambassador. About this time a year ago I was petrified at the thought of spending a whole summer in Bartley. Looking back, I can’t even express how beneficial SBI was. For starters, having a business minor on your resume will give you an automatic boost. My experience also gave me a wealth of topics to discuss with employers. When I went through the interview process, the interviewers were very impressed with the fact that I had dedicated my summer to SBI, not to mention the knowledge I had gained from the coursework. The broad variety of courses you take during SBI will give you an example for any question that they may ask. Not only did I gain all the necessary business knowledge, I had a lot of fun. Surprising right? But you do actually have a lot of fun with your classmates, even when you’re up late studying. It seems like a lot to take on at the time, but by the time you finish in August you will be so proud of how far you have come.

Word of Advice: Sometimes you just need to take a Ice Cream break in between FMR problems.

Motivational Monday: Finals Season Pep Talk


Finals season is drawing nigh, so in all likelihood things are about to become difficult for you. Assuming it hasn’t already, your schedule will become overwhelming, your work/life balance nonexistent, and your grasp on sanity tenuous at best… so happy Monday!

Even so, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, so here are a few unsolicited tips on how to do it. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but a reminder can always be useful.

1. Exercise. Going for a run is a great way to burn off stress and calm your mind. Just be sure to stop at some point, lest you find yourself running across campus, across the county, across the great state of Pennsylvania, and from coast to coast on a three-year journey of self-discovery. It may win Tom Hanks an Oscar, but you aren’t likely to do well on your final.

2. If you still need to unwind, try taking a study break by watching one of your favorite Tom Hanks movies, such as Forrest Gump, That Thing you Do!, Gone with the Wind, or Gladiator.

 3. Studying in a group can be a great way to prepare for an exam. Protip: make sure your new study buddies know something about the subject at hand. For instance, biology majors may be disappointed to learn that political science majors like myself know comparatively little about donkeys or elephants, although we do know a thing or two about gerrymanders (they’re like lizards, right?)


Not actually a final exam study group, but look at how much fun they’re having! This could be you!

4. You’ve been through a “crunch time” like this at least once before, and you’ll make it through other times like this in the future. Think back to other experiences that tested your knowledge, your determination and your endurance, like the time you fought that shark off the coast of South Africa, or perhaps last semester’s finals; whichever you think is more analogous.

5. “Keep your ultimate goal in mind. Final exams are nothing but a bump on the road to wherever you want to go personally and professionally. And never forget, if you can dream it, you can do it!” – Attila the Hun

6. Finals are simply an opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned over the course of the semester. You won’t be seeing anything new provided you’ve paid attention in class and kept up with the assigned readings. You’ve kept up with the assigned readings, right? RIGHT?!?

7. Try to get as many “A’s” on your final exams as possible.

8. Summer is just around the corner, as are next semester’s mid-terms!


Still not an actual final exam, but WHOOOO! FINALS! WHOOOOO!

Fast Five With Caitlin Murphy


Caitlin Murphy (SBI 2012, Villanova Class of 2014), received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in September 2013.


What was your favorite course in SBI and why? 

Professional success – all of the courses added valuable insight to subjects in business, but I found the workshops, seminars, interview practice and networking events to be the most useful in my process of finding full-time employment. 

What was the most helpful thing you learned in Professional success? 

How to use GoNova – I’ve since gotten two internships and secured my full-time job following graduation through the GoNova career site.

How has your SBI experience helped you since graduating the program? 

I’ve been able to leverage my business courses to acquire jobs/internships not only for the course material itself, but for showing that I was able to step outside of the comfort zone of my major (and college) and succeed in a challenging, fast-paced environment.

What have you been up to since graduating SBI? 

I Graduated early in September 2013 and will walk  with the 2014 class. I am currently working in Marketing and Operations for United Public Safety while studying for the GMATs. I am looking forward to joining the Goldman Sachs Operations Division in July 2014. 

How would you sum up your SBI experience in one sentence? 

SBI is a hectic, enlightening, challenging whirlwind of a summer that was wisely spent.


Faculty Profile: Professor Joseph Suprenuk


Professor Joseph Suprenuk has extensive corporate experience in both finance and accounting. In addition to experience as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) , Professor Suprenuk has been certified as both a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). While Professor Suprenuk has primarily worked for firms involved in manufacturing, he has experience in a wide variety of industries. In Professor Suprenuk’s experience, accounting and finance work is “about 80-90% the same across industries”.

Joe_Suprenuk (6)

While Professor Suprenuk has taught Financial Management and Reporting for the past three years, 2014 will be his first year teaching for the Summer Business Institute. He advises his students to keep in mind that finance is primarily an exercise in problem solving, not rote memorization. Memorizing formulas is less important than “understanding the numbers” and being able to work through a problem using the underlying principles of finance.

While Professor Suprenuk will focus on teaching the finance side of FM&R this summer (Professor James Emig will cover the accounting side of the same section), his dual background in finance and accounting serves him well in the classroom. Suprenuk notes that he has first-hand knowledge of how the disciplines of accounting and finance overlap and interact in a real-world corporate setting, and that he understands the problems accountants and finance professionals face over the course of their careers. Professor Suprenuk looks forward to using his knowledge of and experience in these fields to help non-business students learn a new skill set; he notes that, “I think there’s an excitement in that”.

A Few Questions for Ginny Lee, SBI Ambassador


Ginny Lee (SBI 2013, Villanova Class of 2016), is a Civil Engineering major and a Summer Business Institute Ambassador.


Why did you decide to become an SBI Ambassador?

I decided to become an SBI Ambassador because I learned a great deal through SBI and had a great experience. When people approached me with questions about SBI, I wanted to not only talk about my experience with SBI but also be able to give them more resources and information if they had any more questions.

How have you applied your business background since graduating SBI?

One thing I noticed since graduating SBI is that business is everywhere. I noticed things I learned during SBI in classes, social life, and newspapers. Another thing is that when I am tutoring Business Calc at the Math Learning Resource Center, my business background and my math skills have allowed me to better help the students. Since graduating SBI, a business background I can add to my resume is not the only thing I’ve gained; I’ve gained broader perspective in life and have become a more resourceful individual.

What was the most valuable skill or knowledge base that you developed in SBI? How has it helped you since graduating SBI?

The most valuable skill or knowledge base I developed in SBI is making connections. Since graduating SBI I have visited more professors during their office hours and made more personal connections.

How has your SBI experience affected your career plans? 

My SBI experience has not necessarily changed my career goals. However, it has helped me better vision my goals and the ways to achieve them. 
What was a particularly memorable SBI experience for you?
A particularly memorable SBI experience for me is watching movies in Bartley. My friends and I would bring our laptops and food and watch movies on the big screen with better sound. Many things happened during those times such as making a mess of Indian food and having to wash my hair in Bartley restroom. After all the hours and days I spent in Bartley, Bartley became my home.