Laura Fitzgerald “LiFt’s” Up Her Personal Brand


When Laura (Menard) Fitzgerald (SBI ’97, Villanova ’00) graduated from Villanova, she wasted no time in carving out a career niche for herself. After spending five years working in the public relations industry, including a three year stint as director of PR for L’Oreal, she founded her own firm, LiFt Consulting LLC. Based in Chicago, LiFt focuses on public relations work for the fashion and cosmetics industry. Laura’s choice of a specialty was no accident; she notes that, “the beauty industry has always been a part of [her] family.” Additionally, Laura sees her decision to focus on her interests as good business sense, “In PR I believe It’s very important to strategically align your passions with whom you represent. Your authentic appreciation of your client’s brand will only help build their story in the media.”

Laura was inspired to enter the PR field through her classes as a Communications major, and her time with SBI gave her a business background that proved invaluable in her pursuit of a PR career. In addition to making her a more marketable candidate for entry level positions, Laura’s SBI experience helped her prepare for the fact that, “Public Relations is an integral balance of so many different elements of business.” More specifically, Laura says that, “Learning the overarching framework of business management has allowed me formulate strategy, plan, and execute programs for past employers and clients.” SBI gave Laura the business context she needed to successfully operate a business in her chosen field.

Laura found success through finding something she loved to do and by doing it well. She suggests that the best way to get ahead is to “find your passion, plan, and network, network, network.” Laura found her passion independently of SBI, but SBI helped equip her with the tools needed to pursue it.

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