Ambassador Profile: Meghan Pawlak


Hey all! My name is Meghan Pawlak, an SBI ambassador and one of the social media and marketing interns for the SBI program. I also give campus tours as a member of the Villanova Blue Key Society. If you know me, you know SBI is one of my favorite parts of Villanova, and hopefully I can explain to you a little bit as to why this is the case!

Meghan Pawlak Headshot

I did SBI the summer after my freshman year. As a freshman, I knew that I wasn’t quite ready to get an internship. At the same time, I was pretty reluctant to go home and work at the job in a froyo shop that I had in high school. I looked for opportunities for the summer and found SBI, and there was no going back from there.

Before applying to SBI, my only impression of business was that which I received from my parents. I looked at them, saw that they were always crazy at work decided that I never wanted to enter the world of business. However, after completing SBI and being exposed to all facets of business, I was immediately drawn to this “new” world of business.

I thought SBI was the perfect opportunity to complement any degree, and as a biology major, I am a firm believer in that symbiotic relationship. I constantly get asked on tours and by family friends “what are you going to do with your biology and business degrees?” and I simply tell them that instead of having one job market to explore, I now have two! And I want to be able to share this story with any student who may be questioning how well SBI will mesh with his or her main degree.

Now, I not only have a diverse educational background, but I have learned crucial skills that will help me every day. From learning how to effectively utilize LinkedIn to understanding when I should do my taxes and why, SBI has given me valuable knowledge that I can now use in every area of my life. As silly as it sounds, SBI has helped shape me to become the student and person that I am today, and hopefully it can do the same for anyone else out there who takes the opportunity to invest in his or her future.

Interested in contacting Meghan?  Email:

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