Fast Five With Alyssa Suhm


A SuhmAlyssa Suhm (SBI 2013, Villanova Class of 2015), is pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Global Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Mandarin Chinese.


What was the most helpful thing you learned in Professional Success? 

The Professional Success course made a huge difference in how I manage my social media presence to remain professional and private. Most importantly, I learned how to construct my LinkedIn account as a story and not just a resume. I also pay much more attention now to how I present myself across the multiple social media platforms I use regularly.

What was the most challenging part of SBI for you, and how did you overcome that challenge? 

The most challenging part of SBI was managing the very condensed coursework and long hours of class. My friends and I often studied together to make sure we were all on top of class notes, reading materials, and homework assignments. Supporting others and being supported throughout the summer made the difference in surviving SBI.

What was the funniest thing that happened to you during SBI? 

A funny and memorable moment during SBI was when William and Kate’s royal baby was born in July, and we paused class briefly to celebrate the occasion.

What have you been up to since graduating SBI?

After graduating from SBI, I interviewed with several companies for summer internships and applied to university research positions. I have repeatedly leveraged my SBI experience in interview settings as something that distinguishes me from other environmental studies majors. I am excited to be interning in London this summer through the EUSA International Internships program.

How do you plan to use your business education in the future? 

At this point, I do plan on pursuing an MBA focusing on sustainable business. Although I am very interested in environmental studies, I am particularly passionate about the business applications of science and see myself entering the corporate world.

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