Alex Kinnally takes Business for Bio

Alexandra Kinnally Headshot
Hey all!  I’m Alex Kinnally (SBI ’13) and I decided to become an SBI Ambassador because I feel strongly about the value of SBI. After SBI, I expanded upon the business minor and am currently working towards a Marketing minor which will only take 3 extra classes! As a Biochemistry major I hope to work in Pharmaceuticals, either in R&D or in sales. For my Marketing minor, I am taking a course called Global Pharmaceutical Industry and another called Sales Management, both of which are highly applicable in the world of Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing. While SBI has helped me towards a career path, I feel that it also equipped me with a good understanding of the business world, taxes, and investing that I will take with me when planning my finances or just in everyday life! Remember, every career has some sort of business behind it that keeps it running, and SBI gives you valuable insight into how exactly that works!
Interested in contacting Alex?  Email:

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