Fast Five With Dave Lander


Dave Lander, (SBI 2012, Villanova Class of 2014), is an Economics major with minors in Business and Finance.

What have you been up to since graduating from SBI? 

I interned from April 2013 – December 2013, and I have accepted an offer to work for AXA Advisors in Bala Cynwyd after graduation.

How has your SBI experience helped you since you graduated from the program? 

It exposed me to Finance courses which definitely helped me obtain an internship, which led to my full time offer in Wealth Management.

What was the most helpful thing you learned in professional success? 

Professional Success helped me create my LinkedIn profile and comfortably navigate the career center resources, which ultimately led me to my job offer.

What was the most fun part of SBI for you? 

The student bonding that occurred throughout the summer outside of class was phenomenal. I developed several new friendships over that 10 week span which remain strong today.

How do you plan to use your business education in the future? 

Working in wealth management will require me to tap into everything I learned over the summer at SBI.

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