Faculty Profile: Professor Patricia Crenny


Professor Patricia Crenny’s industry experience is primarily in financial and tax accounting. As such, her area of expertise is examining a firm’s financial performance for the reference of outside parties, such as potential investors, lenders, or suppliers. Her industry experience is extensive, and her resume includes positions at two of the “big four” audit firms (Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers).

P Crenny

Professor Crenny is also a Villanova alumnae and basketball fanatic. When the Wildcats went to the Final Four in 1985, Crenny was studying abroad in Europe. Determined to find a place in Europe where she could watch Nova’s storied championship game against Georgetown, she eventually succeeded… by taking a 12-hour train to a U.S. military base in Germany.

Professor Crenny stresses that a background in Accountancy is a valuable asset in any field, “An Archaeology major who’s going to be the curator of a museum, [is] going to be given a budget… It’s all going to come down to dollars and cents at some point.” Professor Crenny also notes that a background in accounting can help students manage their personal finances.

Professor Crenny imparts this accounting background to SBI students through Financial Management and Reporting (FMR) a four-credit course which teaches the fundamentals of finance and accounting. Aside from the fact that SBI students complete FMR in a shorter period of time than their academic year counterparts, Crenny says that the summer version of FMR is “not very different at all” from the version academic year VSB students take. While the course is a challenge, it is by no means impossible, particularly if student’s take Professor Crenny’s advice to, “Study hard, keep focused. Get a good study group. Bond with the people who are in the room with you. Help each other.” Professor Crenny’s precise, thorough teaching style and her willingness to hold out of class extra help sessions before exams also help students get through FMR.

In Professor Crenny’s eyes, the biggest difference between the SBI and academic year versions of FMR is the diverse variety of perspectives that SBI students bring to the classroom. “The material I bring is mainly the same,” Crenny says, “what’s different is what’s coming from them.”


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