SBI Education Big Plus for Michael Mreczko, Sportscaster


To those unfamiliar with the radio broadcasting industry, having a background in business might not seem like an important thing for someone with Michael Mreczko‘s job to have. Mr. Mreczko (SBI ’05 , Villanova ’08) works as a sports anchor for 1010 WINS in the New York City area and as a Radio Host for the Lehigh Valley’s ESPN affiliate. This position, however, involves much more than getting on the air to broadcast.

Michael Mreczko

Radio stations rely on their advertising revenue to continue operating, and Mr. Mreczko plays a vital role in securing that revenue for his employers. Mreczko says that, “When not on the air or prepping for shows, I am helping our cluster of six stations get our commercials, promos and imaging produced. This has required me to work with clients, and even close deals myself, to ensure that our partners and sponsors are satisfied with their return on the investment they make in our stations.” Once a client has bought airtime from the station, Mreczko and his coworkers are responsible for writing and producing the commercial that will be aired. Mr. Mreczko notes that “We are not just handling the marketing for one company, we need to create campaigns for hundreds of different small businesses and each needs to be unique.”

Mr. Mreczko’s mixed background in Communications, Business, and Criminal Justice makes him a  valuable asset to employers. Mreczko notes that aside from the largest stations, most stations expect their programming personnel to take on a marketing function as well. Since competition for positions in the radio broadcast industry is high, Mreczko says that it is very important to “be as versatile as you can to make yourself more valuable to the company. In my case, that meant being able to handle any role on air, behind the scenes with production or contributing to marketing and sales. When you can do a lot of different things to help the company, then you are much harder to replace.”

Mr. Mreczko credits his versatility as an employee to his SBI experience. “The marketing skills I learned during SBI have definitely helped me with my job by allowing me to contribute more to the business side of our stations. The great thing about SBI is that you learn so many different things that can help both in your career and in your everyday personal life.” He says that among those skills is the ability to work well in a team, an ability that he finds is, “increasingly emphasized in the workplace.” Ultimately, Mreczko finds the substantive business knowledge he learned to be the most valuable asset he picked up from SBI; “I kept only a few textbooks from school for reference, and the materials from SBI are definitely what I go back through the most.”

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