A Few Questions for Ginny Lee, SBI Ambassador


Ginny Lee (SBI 2013, Villanova Class of 2016), is a Civil Engineering major and a Summer Business Institute Ambassador.


Why did you decide to become an SBI Ambassador?

I decided to become an SBI Ambassador because I learned a great deal through SBI and had a great experience. When people approached me with questions about SBI, I wanted to not only talk about my experience with SBI but also be able to give them more resources and information if they had any more questions.

How have you applied your business background since graduating SBI?

One thing I noticed since graduating SBI is that business is everywhere. I noticed things I learned during SBI in classes, social life, and newspapers. Another thing is that when I am tutoring Business Calc at the Math Learning Resource Center, my business background and my math skills have allowed me to better help the students. Since graduating SBI, a business background I can add to my resume is not the only thing I’ve gained; I’ve gained broader perspective in life and have become a more resourceful individual.

What was the most valuable skill or knowledge base that you developed in SBI? How has it helped you since graduating SBI?

The most valuable skill or knowledge base I developed in SBI is making connections. Since graduating SBI I have visited more professors during their office hours and made more personal connections.

How has your SBI experience affected your career plans? 

My SBI experience has not necessarily changed my career goals. However, it has helped me better vision my goals and the ways to achieve them. 
What was a particularly memorable SBI experience for you?
A particularly memorable SBI experience for me is watching movies in Bartley. My friends and I would bring our laptops and food and watch movies on the big screen with better sound. Many things happened during those times such as making a mess of Indian food and having to wash my hair in Bartley restroom. After all the hours and days I spent in Bartley, Bartley became my home. 


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