Faculty Profile: Professor Joseph Suprenuk


Professor Joseph Suprenuk has extensive corporate experience in both finance and accounting. In addition to experience as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) , Professor Suprenuk has been certified as both a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). While Professor Suprenuk has primarily worked for firms involved in manufacturing, he has experience in a wide variety of industries. In Professor Suprenuk’s experience, accounting and finance work is “about 80-90% the same across industries”.

Joe_Suprenuk (6)

While Professor Suprenuk has taught Financial Management and Reporting for the past three years, 2014 will be his first year teaching for the Summer Business Institute. He advises his students to keep in mind that finance is primarily an exercise in problem solving, not rote memorization. Memorizing formulas is less important than “understanding the numbers” and being able to work through a problem using the underlying principles of finance.

While Professor Suprenuk will focus on teaching the finance side of FM&R this summer (Professor James Emig will cover the accounting side of the same section), his dual background in finance and accounting serves him well in the classroom. Suprenuk notes that he has first-hand knowledge of how the disciplines of accounting and finance overlap and interact in a real-world corporate setting, and that he understands the problems accountants and finance professionals face over the course of their careers. Professor Suprenuk looks forward to using his knowledge of and experience in these fields to help non-business students learn a new skill set; he notes that, “I think there’s an excitement in that”.

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