SBI a Year Later: Megan Smith Looks Back

Megan Smith
I’m Megan Smith (SBI ’13), a junior studying Psychology and Sociology and SBI Ambassador. About this time a year ago I was petrified at the thought of spending a whole summer in Bartley. Looking back, I can’t even express how beneficial SBI was. For starters, having a business minor on your resume will give you an automatic boost. My experience also gave me a wealth of topics to discuss with employers. When I went through the interview process, the interviewers were very impressed with the fact that I had dedicated my summer to SBI, not to mention the knowledge I had gained from the coursework. The broad variety of courses you take during SBI will give you an example for any question that they may ask. Not only did I gain all the necessary business knowledge, I had a lot of fun. Surprising right? But you do actually have a lot of fun with your classmates, even when you’re up late studying. It seems like a lot to take on at the time, but by the time you finish in August you will be so proud of how far you have come.

Word of Advice: Sometimes you just need to take a Ice Cream break in between FMR problems.

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