Happy Summer From SBI!


IMG_1405As the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 academic year draws to a close, everyone at the Summer Business Institute would like to close out the year with a few words before we sign off for a brief summer hiatus (we’ll resume our daily postings on Wednesday, May 21st):

  • To Graduating SBI Alumni: Congratulations, and happy trails! Thank you for making the SBI experience a great one for us; we hope we did the same for you. We look forward to hearing about what you’ll be accomplishing in the years to come. We’re confident that what you’ve learned in SBI will prove valuable as you pursue your career goals, whatever they may be. Please keep in touch! 
  • To the SBI Ambassadors: Thank you for all of your help in getting the word out about SBI this year! From manning tables in Bartley to attending information sessions, you did a great job of communicating all that SBI has to offer, both through your conversations with prospective students and by personal example. We look forward to working with you again in the years to come; quarter-zip weather may be on the way out, but it’ll be back in no time!
  • To our blog contributors: Thank you to all the SBI faculty, ambassadors, and alumni, both at Villanova and in the workforce, who took the time to answer our questions about their SBI experience. We were happy to receive alumni responses that detailed a variety of backgrounds and student experiences, and we hope to include more in future blog posts. Thanks again!
  • To our incoming SBI students: Congratulations on your admission to SBI, we’ll be seeing you soon! As soon as we resume our daily blog posts on Wednesday, May 21st, we’ll focus on content relevant to your day-to-day SBI experience. When the blog relaunches, you can expect to find words of advice from prior SBI graduates, recaps of SBI events, and even features on how to enjoy your summer weekends at Villanova. Be sure to check this blog on the 21st, when we’ll release the roster of every Competitive Effectiveness group. Until then, relax and enjoy your time off — you have a busy and fulfilling summer ahead of you!

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