The Wildcats of Wall Street: Adrienne Galvin Makes Connections


This post marks the first installment of our series “The Wildcats of Wall Street”, which will highlight SBI who have found full time work in the financial services industry, both on Wall Street and off.

After working at ING as a human resources intern in the spring of 2013, Adrienne Galvin knew that she wanted to work in the financial services industry. That summer, Adrienne took SBI in order to obtain the background in finance that she knew she needed. Adrienne notes that “SBI taught me the fundamentals of finance.  I know that I have a lot more to learn, but SBI gave me the confidence to begin my career in finance.”

Adrienne Galvin

Adrienne’s efforts have paid off. She is slated to begin the Accelerated Development Program at Vanguard Financial. Based at Vanguard’s headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania, the 15 month program will introduce Adrienne to investment analysis, general management, and client relationship management. At the end of the program, she will begin a full-time position at Vanguard.

Adrienne had learned about a similar development program while interning at the Pennsylvania offices of Morningstar, a Chicago-based investment research company, so she searched for a similar program on the East Coast. She came across Vanguard’s program and applied. In preparing for the interview, Adrienne recalls that  “I reached out to two Villanova alums who were more than happy to speak with me and give me some tips for the interview”. Adrienne, who applied to both of her internships through GONOVA jobs, notes that “Villanova has great career resources”. She recalls that SBI helped prepare her for these opportunities as well, as it “gave me the tools I needed to feel confident in my application and interview process”.

While building a strong background in finance, Adrienne remained active in her major; she served as President of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications honors society. Adrienne believes that her background will suit her well at Vanguard, a firm that prides itself on its client service. Adrienne’s time at SBI was only one step on the way towards her desired career in financial services. Her blended academic background, her aggressive use of Villanova’s career resources, and her industry experience have served her well in pursuing her career of choice.

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