Words of Advice: Writing a Resume


This post marks the first installment of a new feature in which SBI alumni will offer advice on how to get the most out of your SBI experience. Today’s post  focuses on resume writing. Now that you’ve completed the resume workshop, you have had the opportunity to put together a compelling statement of your academic and professional achievements. Here are some ways to refine that statement even further. 

words of advice resume photo 2

Your resume is often the first impression a prospective employer will get of you, so make it count.

“It needs to look pleasing to the eye. I don’t care what is on your resume, if it looks like trash, you look like trash. If it looks polished, you look polished. Don’t be afraid to change margins or choose a font different than Times New Roman.” – Vera Shaw, Nursing, SBI 2013

“If you find someone with a very strong resume, use theirs as a model! I think this is one of the most helpful workshops because you have the opportunity to really revamp your resume..” – Liz Tyhacz, Mechanical Engineering, SBI 2013

“List your course work, ESPECIALLY ENGINEERS. Companies have requested this information from me.” – Christine Fossaceca, Computer Engineering, SBI 2013

“In more technical fields like Computer Science, put your technical skills and projects towards the top. Make sure to focus on things that are relevant to a potential employer, and be able to explain anything you put on it.” – Dan SuskevichComputer Science, SBI 2013

“Your resume is always a work in progress. Instead of constantly revising the same file on your computer, save different drafts of your resume and use a system for organizing them that works for you.” – Greg Dahl, Political Science, SBI 2013

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