Fast Five with Porter Strickler


Porter Strickler (Villanova 2014, SBI 2012), is a LAS Economics and Spanish double major with a finance minor. 


What was your favorite SBI course and why? 

My favorite course was Financial Management and Reporting, or FMR as it is colloquially known among students. This course gave me an excellent background in understanding the corporate world, and has led me to pursue an additional minor in finance. I think that a practical understanding of business management and personal finance, such as the ability to examine a mortgage loan or perform a Free Cash Flow analysis, is an extremely necessary and valuable skill for a student of any major to have.  

What was the most helpful thing you learned in Professional Success? 

The most helpful thing I learned was how to interact effectively with potential employers, and how to network in general. Being in the Liberal Arts I was never taught how to conduct myself in a professional setting. SBI helped me do this by providing opportunities to practice with alumni and business representatives.

What have you been up to since graduating SBI? 

I studied abroad in Spain over the 2013 Summer, and I also worked at the Villanova Law School as an interpreter for their immigration clinic. Mostly I have been studying a lot as I am finishing my finance minor and my Spanish major.

How has your SBI experience helped you since graduating? 

SBI has definitely helped to define me and my path that I have taken here at Villanova. It has given me a good idea of what the corporate world is like and helped me find out what my true interests were in the business world.

How do you plan to use your business education in the future? 

I plan to attend law school and work in Corporate Law and/or Criminal Law, possibly working specifically with securities. I am also interning this summer in a business related internship to gain more experience.

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