Motivational Monday: Words of Wisdom


“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

Words of Wisdom 9 June

        First the bad news; achieving your goals won’t make you happy, at least not permanently.  Happiness isn’t a state of equilibrium that you can get to, then fix yourself at. Life simply doesn’t work like that. Even after you land that dream job, move to a new city or achieve whatever it is that you want to do, you can’t expect to be happy, or even satisfied, forever. New problems will throw you for a loop, and new aspirations will push you forward. Happiness, like life, is not static.

       Now the good news. You don’t have to wait until you accomplish your goals to be happy. Working towards a goal you care about isn’t drudgery, it’s doing something that captures your interest and engenders your enthusiasm. Spend your time that way, and by spending it with the people that matter to you, and you’ll find happiness on the way to wherever it is you’re headed.


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