Words of Advice: The Informational Interview


The professional success informational interview is more than just a homework assignment; it’s an outstanding opportunity to learn more about a career that interests you. Here are some words of advice from SBI alumni on how to make the most of the experience. 


“I picked someone who works in a field I was interested in but didn’t necessarily know a lot about. The interview helped me to learn more about the field, and also helped to show me what I liked and/or didn’t like about that career path.” – Joe Lenz, SBI 2013, Economics Major 

“Tailor your interview towards something you are passionate about, it will make the assignment both fun and effective.” – Nick Holden, SBI 2013, History Major

“I shot for the moon and got an interview with a software engineer at Google. Really look for someone interesting to talk to, and do it early. That way you increase the odds that both of you have time to chat.” – Dan Suskevich, SBI 2013, Computer Science Major

“Go into the interview with a plan. If you have 7-10 questions prepared, you won’t run out of things to talk about. If you’re nervous, having a plan will help calm your nerves.” – Nathan Swain, SBI 2012, Chemical Engineering Major

“Do not be afraid to veer from the structured interview. I found that the more personal the interview, the more you get out of it and thus, the more you can write about it.” – Liz Tyhacz, SBI 2013, Mechanical Engineering Major

“Listen. I went to Starbucks and a 30 minute interview ended up going for an hour because the professional just wanted to keep telling me everything he knew. It was awesome!” – Vera Shaw, SBI 2013, Nursing Major 

“Stay in contact with the people you interview beyond SBI, they can be great resources down the line.” – Caitlin Butala, SBI 2012, Mechanical Engineering Major

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