Weekend Warriors 11-13 July


Congratulations on making it through your first applied economics exam; we hope our meme helped! Uwishunu.com has brought to our attention a few exciting ways you can spend the upcoming weekend (besides studying for Tuesday’s CE exam, that is).

The small town of Phoenixville, roughly a half-hour drive from Villanova, has secured for itself a place in movie history as the setting for the classic 1950’s B-Movie The Blob. Phoenixville will celebrate this kitschy, yet noteworthy part of its heritage during this weekend’s Blobfest. Tonight’s events at the Colonial Theater have already sold out, but admission to other events are still available. These include a street fair on Saturday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (admission is free), and a series of B-Movie double features; each showing pairs The Blob with another classic monster movie, including Mothra and King Kong vs. Godzilla. Admission for the screenings ranges from six to ten dollars.  Related events in Phoenixville this weekend include a trivia contest, a coffee house storytelling session, and a 1950’s hot rod car show. Driving directions from Villanova to Phoenixville’s Colonial theater are available here.

A hot rod show will be included in Phoenixville’s blob fest this weekend.

The PECO mulitcultural series continues at  Penn’s Landing (Columbus Boulevard at Chestnut Street) this weekend with the Hispanic Festival. From 2:00 to 8:00 both Saturday and Sunday, visitors can take in traditional Latin American food, music, and dance. The McDonald’s Fiesta Bus will also be on site to broadcast all of the world cup games, so you won’t have to worry about missing Sunday’s Germany-Argentina game. Admission is free, and public transit directions from Villanova to Penn’s landing are available here.

On Saturday the 12th, Eastern State Penitentiary and the surrounding neighborhood offers a chance to celebrate Bastille Day (officially held on July 14th), which commemorates the storming of Paris’s infamous Bastille Prison in 1790, an event that marked the beginning of the French Revolution. With the imposing walls of Eastern State serving as the Bastille for the day, visitors can take part in a festival held in the streets surrounding the prison A comedic cabaret show outside the walls of Eastern State The Bastille will commence at 5:30 PM. After the show, local establishments will hold after parties, and Eastern State will offer twilight tours of its grounds at a reduced rate. Public transit directions from Villanova to Eastern State are available here.


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