CE and FMR: A Value Proposition


CE and FMR; two short acronyms that define a large chunk of the typical SBI student’s summer (not to mention the typical VSB student’s sophomore year). As much hard work and as many sleepless nights as these courses involve, we’ve found that both  are popular with SBI alumni. Here are some quotes from alumni explaining why.



“It was logical and the grade was proportional to the amount of time I put in.” – Ginny Lee, Civil Engineering Major, SBI 2013 

“(Accounting) was challenging but it felt like solving a puzzle everyday, which I loved.” – Ellie Frymire, Mathematics Major, SBI 2012

“The class taught be a lot that I will be using very soon when I start paying off my student loans, car, credit card, and in the future a mortgage.” – Nathan Swain, Chemical Engineering Major, SBI 2012 

” I felt like this course gave me the most solid background in understanding more about the corporate world, and led me to pursue an additional minor in finance.”- Porter Strickler, Economics and Spanish Double Major, SBI 2012


“I loved this class because of the hands on opportunity that it presented. Working to develop a new marketing plan for the Knoll furniture company was probably the best and fastest way to learn skills in both marketing and management.” – Nathan Droba, Communications Major, SBI 2013

“It challenged me to solve a problem without a necessarily correct answer, but a really good one.” – Dan Suskevich, Computer Science Major, SBI 2013

“I enjoyed working in teams and using our creativity to solve problems.” – Stephanie Molina, Civil Engineering  Major, SBI 2013

“The hands on experience we gained from working with real executives. The presentation alone helped me with job interviews since I felt much more comfortable with public speaking.” – Dave Lander, Economics Major, SBI 2012

“I loved the professors and felt the material I learned in that class helped me better understand the type of business I want to eventually work in, marketing.” – Danielle Car, Communications Major, SBI 2013


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