What Happens Next?


With the end of SBI in sight, you’ll likely find yourself wondering how to follow up on your business education. Here are a few different paths available to recent SBI graduates; depending on your situation, you may choose to pursue one or more of these opportunities.

1. Pursue a secondary business minor: With a business minor on your transcript, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue a secondary minor in a business sub-discipline. You can develop a more intensive background in a field you studied in SBI, such as marketing or finance, or you can explore a new discipline, such as Business Analytics or  Management Information Systems.The list of VSB minors is available here. Consult an academic advisor to make sure you’ll be able to meet the minor’s requirements in time.

2. Pursue an internship: Internships, either during the academic year or during the summer, can be an excellent opportunity to apply the business acumen you developed during SBI. Additionally, your SBI experience will make you a more attractive candidate to prospective employers, so be sure to mention it on your resume. To maximize your chances at finding the perfect internship,  get in touch with the Career Center in Garey Hall and with the Clay Center.

3. Start a small business: Recent SBI graduates have gone on to start businesses, either as a source of supplementary income or as their primary employment. You can read about entrepreneurs from the SBI class of 2013 here. If you have a product or service that you want to share with others, you now have a business background with which you can utilize to go into business with a greater sense of confidence and competence than you would otherwise have.

4. Maintain a relationship with SBI:  The Summer Business Institute is looking for volunteer Ambassadors. Additionally, this blog is always looking for guest contributors willing to share their SBI experience with others.  Regardless of whether you maintain a formal association with the program, we strongly encourage you to keep in touch with your classmates, your professors, and the staff at the Clay Center. These members of your SBI network can be valuable career development resources, and we look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future!

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