Words of Advice: The CE Presentation


After weeks of work, your CE experience boils down to one final assignment; you and your team presenting and justifying your plan to your peers, your professors, and your clients. Check out these words of advice from SBI alumni to make sure you’ll be ready when the time comes. 

“Practice, practice, practice! Look for feedback from other team members and your professors before the big day.” – Janine Perri, English, History, and Honors Triple Major, SBI 2012

“Time is limited so it’s important to create a good presentation from the start.” – Ashley Reed, Mathematics Major, SBI 2013

“We started with just a run through, then began to time it and cut stuff out. Focus on the important things as early as possible to make editing much easier.” – Dan Suskevich, Computer Science Major, SBI 2013

“Half the battle of the presentation is choosing the right people to speak and doing it well. The other half (which is almost MORE important) is using numbers to back up your points. Companies LOVE to see numbers, ROI, and visual projections of how much money each proposal you have will make them.” – Liz Tyhacz, Mechanical Engineering Major, SBI 2013

“Don’t be afraid to inject some humor into your presentation. It will win over your audience and put your mind at ease as the presenter.” – Nick Holden, History Major, SBI 2013

“I was a presenter for my group, so I went over my script several times, I even practiced in the mirror to make sure my delivery was impeccable. Before my presentation, I took three deep breaths, and then just spoke like I was having a conversation with the entire room, which was very helpful.” – Domenico Cricchio, Political Science and Italian Double Major, SBI 2012

“I was one of our two presenters, so I received the “script” well in advance and looked it over frequently. Along with that, those that were not presenting gathered informative notes on our company in various areas and put those together for the presenters. We read those over multiple times and just became familiar with the company, its competitors, and the industry as a whole.” – Joe Lenz, Economics Major, 2013

“Practice; practice anything that can go wrong and any question that can be asked.” – Joe Steadman, Political Science and French Double Major, SBI 2013

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