The Closing Bell: An Open Letter to SBI 2014


July 31st, 2014:

Today’s presentations mark the end of SBI 2014. Congratulations to the A-Team, our other finalists, and to every SBI student; 10 weeks of hard work and dedication have finally paid off. You have three weeks or so before classes start up again, so make the most of your break; your vacation is well deserved and very much needed, I’m sure. Before the blog goes on its own hiatus, I’d like to send you off with a few final words.

First, thanks are in order. SBI’s professors bring their time, their knowledge base, and their enthusiasm to bear to make the long hours SBI students spend in the classroom a rewarding and memorable experience. Similarly, this program would not be possible without the help of a dedicated group of professionals, including our corporate clients at QVC. The CE challenge, Professional Success events, and the classes themselves would be nothing but a pipe dream if these people were not willing to contribute their time and their expertise.

A side note: This post also marks my last post as editor of the SBI blog. It has truly been a pleasure developing this blog over the past four months and one hundred posts, but the time has come for me to step down. As editor, I have written more than a few posts on the importance of aggressively pursuing one’s career goals, and in order to pursue my intended career in law,  I have to seek new opportunities elsewhere. The blog will return during the academic year with a new editor, a new voice, and a new vision. I look forward to seeing how the blog will evolve and improve through the efforts of my successor. Before I sign off, I want to thank my supervisors and coworkers at the Clay Center for the essential role they all played in getting this blog off the ground. Likewise, much of our content wouldn’t have been possible without a large group of SBI ambassadors and alumni who were willing to contribute their time and experience to the blog, and who were somehow capable of tolerating the deluge of emails requesting input that I sent them. You all made this blog possible.

A few final words for this year’s SBI students. You’ve accomplished something to be proud of this summer, and we’re sure that you will carry the skills, the knowledge base, and the confidence you developed with you as you embark on on your next endeavors,  whatever they may be. Some of you will remain focused on academics for the next year or two. Use that time to learn new things about yourself, your chosen field of study, and, if your exposure to it piqued your interest, the business world. Don’t forget that you can now pursue a supplemental business minor, and please consider staying involved with SBI as an ambassador.

For others, your entry into the workforce is a more immediate concern, and your next priority will be building a career. It’s an intimidating task, but don’t forget that your SBI experience has left you extremely well equipped to handle it. Find what you love to do and do it. We’d love to hear what you learn and accomplish along the way, so don’t hesitate to keep in touch with SBI through our staff, our social media presence, or through this blog.

Congratulations once more, and good luck. You’ve spent this summer investing in your future, and that investment has just reached maturity. Now’s the time to capitalize on the returns.


Greg Dahl, Editor


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