Ambassador Profile: Theresa Thompson


MEEEEWhen people think of SBI, they think of things like “but it’s over summer…”, “ten weeks of school for how many hours a day?!” or “I don’t even know how to spell business” and trust me, those were all going through my head when I was deciding whether or not to do SBI. As an SBI Ambassador, I want to make people realize that SBI is worth the ten weeks of work because with it, you make great friends, build your business background, and have a good time as well. After attending SBI, I learned so much more about all-things business that I cannot even put in words, but let me describe a situation. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with an employer for an engineering company who was describing an internship to me and he said “We do not really look at student applications who have an engineering only academic discipline as we know the lack of knowledge in necessary areas such as communication, management, and business”. With that, I was ecstatic to explain to him that I attended SBI and we went on for thirty more minutes about finance, accounting, and management that I knew I would have never been able to follow before doing SBI.

My favorite course in SBI, Competitive Effectiveness, taught me how to work in teams effectively and that has helped me drastically in my engineering curriculum this year. The engineering courses sophomore year are all about teamwork and there is not one assignment that is not done with a group. From my CE class, I have transferred my knowledge to my teammates and now (let’s be honest here), we are the best group in engineering out there, thanks to SBI!

With that, I am here to say that SBI is a necessity in all disciplines and is definitely worth spending one summer at Villanova. Being from California, I passed up the sunny weather at the beach outside all day to be in Bartley inside all day, and I have no regrets. My advice to you is:

  1.    SBI is a no-brainer, so just do it! You will have no regrets once you finish up your time in Bartley this summer.
  2.    Find the right people to hang out with. Study groups were my life saver and trust me, SBI cannot be done alone. Every now and then, you’re going to need a break to just go in the Bartley halls and sing so loud people shut their doors, and you don’t want to do that alone!
  3.    Get acquainted with the Bartley 3rd floor. Whether a study room or a classroom, learn to love it because you will be living there. Bring some blankets and just move in to the study rooms, but remember make sure you have your study buddies with you!
  4.    Don’t forget to have fun. Even though you may feel like every weekend means time for studying, do not forget to get off campus, grab some food, and never forget about bonding with your section and your group, after all you spend your summer with the same 35 people all, so make some new friends!

Motivational Monday


Happy Monday everyone!! I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend. It is officially fall and that means it is time for those gorgeous changes in leaf color, holidays filled with pumpkin pie, but most importantly it is time for football.

Nothing says perfect fall weekend more than going to a football game and cheering on your favorite team. Last weekend was Villanova’s first home football game and it just got me so pumped for all things football. So that is the inspiration for the post today.

I found this short clip online last week while I was being oh so productive surfing social media rather than doing my huge stack of homework. And being the football-loving sap that I am, I was really touched by the short pep talk that Devon Stills offers his four-year-old daughter before she goes into surgery. It just warms your heart and puts life into perspective. So on this somewhat dreary Monday that is today, I hope this makes you smile.

Joke of the day:

What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?

A nervous wreck.

Top Three Reasons Why You Really Should Have a Business Minor: Part One


By now you probably have a good idea about my love obsession for all things SBI. A little back story of how I personally came to enroll in the program this past summer- for starters I am possibly the most indecisive person in the world. I am not kidding when I say that I have changed my major five times at this part in my college career and I am only a second semester sophomore. I can barely make a decision on what to have for breakfast, much less decide what I want to do for the rest of my life. Second semester freshman year, I decided that no matter what major I went with, a background in some business might be helpful. Confession- at that point, I also would not have been able to tell you thedifference between debit and credit. I know, it’s sad. So I decided, for the sake of my future, it’d probably be the move to know some business, even if that really was just the difference between credits and debits.

In the process of writing this post, rather than just giving you my opinion of why you should do SBI, I did some research to see what the pros of having a minor in business were. So what’s about to hit you is scientifically backed up. We are talking some legit stuff right here- so get pumped. But rather than bombarding you with all of these reason right now- I’ll build the anticipation and only give you one a week. Are you stoked? Because you should be.

Number 1: Filling those Knowledge Holes

By this point, you probably know that SBI is for non-business majors. Therefore, all of the students who enroll in the program are from majors across all of the colleges. And while we have extensive knowledge in our own fields, we all lack in the field of business. Which is an issue, because the odds of you working at  or running a business some point in your life are really, really high. According to an article in Bloomberg Newsweek,  recruiters are “open to hiring grads with non-business backgrounds because they come with many useful skills.” They recognize, though, that they had to teach these recruits business basics after hiring. But for the super cool people with business minors, they didn’t have to do the extra teaching, making them more attractive in the hiring process. Basically, recruiters, even in the business world, look for diverse backgrounds and that business minor is another huge plus.

To read more, see The Major Attraction of a Business Minor at Bloomberg Businessweek. 

Joke of the day:

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground Beef

Ambassador Profile: Kristen Leen


Happy Tuesday everyone! Kristen Leen here, taking over the blog today. Let me tell you a little bit about myself… I am a junior Communications major (with a newly added business minor of course!) from New Jersey. Besides being an SBI Ambassador, I am involved in the a few other things here at Villanova. I am a Men’s Basketball manager (GO CATS!), I play club field hockey, I am a member of Greek Life, and I am on the Day of Service committee (see you all on Saturday!). Fun facts: I’m a Pinterest addict, I’m a lefty, and I can’t live without balsamic vinaigrette.


SBI has extended my knowledge base – and overall feeling of smartness -immensely. After taking Applied Economics, I can pick up the Wall Street Journal and actually know what it was talking about. Before the Financial Management and Reporting course, I knew nothing about finance or accounting, but after many hours spent in my professors’ offices, I can now say that I have a firm grasp of it! I even plan to take a Personal Finance course next semester. Since the introduction to marketing in Competitive Effectiveness, I now analyze every advertisement I see in a magazine or online as if I were the marketing director. I’ve always been interested in working in the sports industry, and thanks to Corporate Responsibility and its introduction to business law, I am planning to enroll in Villanova Law School’s Master Certificate Program in Business and Law of Sports in addition to my undergraduate degree.

My most memorable SBI experience was definitely the Competitive Effectiveness project. Not to brag, but my group was awesome! We knew we were in it for the long haul together, so we took the time and effort to get to know each other outside of the academic setting. We took a field trip to the King of Prussia Mall, stalked each other’s Facebook pages back through the depths of time (5 years really makes a difference people!), and made Wednesday night “Quizzo” a thing.  As the leader of our group, I made it a rule that if you were more than five minutes late to a meeting, you had to share an embarrassing story, which was always hilarious. In the final days before we were to present our project, we averaged about 14 hours in the same classroom (shout out to Bartley 2073), but everyone was so dedicated to the project that it didn’t even feel like that long…OK, it did, but we got through it together! Our SBI experience ended on a high note when we advanced to the final round of presentations and ended up winning the whole competition! I attribute our success to how well we worked together, which developed especially in the time we spent outside of class.

It is hard to put into words how valuable my SBI experience was, but I hope this gave any prospective students a good glimpse. Like any alum of the program will tell you, it is an incredibly rewarding experience that is definitely worth the ten weeks. And the best part is…during the summer, you never have to fight for a table in The Exchange!

Words of Wisdom


Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a great parents weekend. Whether that meant going to the football game, running necessary dorm room errands or just eating off campus- all of which were a part of my weekend- I hope you had relaxing few days.

After my parents left, I returned to my dorm and did the all too exciting chore of laundry. To entertain myself while doing so, I turned on the television to the all too perfect movie, Dead Poets Society. It was incredibly ironic that this movie would be on after my parents left as it is a movie they love  but, as a kid, I hated. (If you haven’t seen it, it has a total plot twist ending that 10 year-old Liz wasn’t expecting. That’s all I’ll say so I don’t ruin it.) Anyway, I left it on while I was cleaning and not too long after, this scene came on. It is a truly inspiring scene in which Robin Williams’ character reminds us that life is short and we need to make the most of every minute.

So this week- I challenge you to seize the day. No matter what that may be- if its talking to someone new, living in the moment (as corny as that sounds) or just doing something that makes you happy, carpe diem. And most importantly-“make your life extraordinary”.

Fast Five with Kristen Erickson


Kristen Erickson is a member of the Villanova class of 2017 from Massachusetts. She is pursuing a major in Economics with minors in Business and Math.

imageWhat are your career plans?

Probably research analyst of Form Responses financial analyst.

What are you currently watching and/or reading for fun?

As much as I would like to say I’m watching some sort of intellectual/dramatic show, regrettably I am in love with Dance Moms. Not ashamed at all.

What’s a “fun fact” about yourself?

I lived in London for high school and I am on the varsity track and field team at Villanova.

Favorite SBI study hangout?

Good Counsel lounge obviously although any Bartley classroom until 2 AM can be fun too.

Any SBI study tips/tricks?

Take notes for the entire class period. As much as you think you’ll be able to remember everything after six hours in class your not going to remember what happened that morning. Also remember that it is summer and you’re allowed to take some time off and relax or else you’re just going to burn out by CE and the project is definitely the best part of the whole thing.

Recipe for Success in SBI


It’s no secret that SBI is a rigorous ten week program. Being on the other side of the tunnel, I am here to say that it is not only survivable, but also fun ten weeks. You might be questioning my sanity currently, but it truly is fun. You are learning some pretty interesting things about this business world and regardless of your major, its going to be helpful and applicable information down the road. While you might be currently deliberating if you have what it takes to SBI, I have created a recipe for success in the program because I A) want to share the things that helped me get through and B) love cooking (another fun fact). So if you are on the fence, hopefully this recipe helps encourage you to not only do SBI, but kick butt while doing it.

Recipe for Success in SBI


1 teaspoon of excitement. The classes that you will be talking are awesome and there will definitely be something that you are  interested in-so get pumped. The faculty are amazing and 100% there to help you and make sure you succeeded. The program itself will get you introduced to the business world and will teach you how to be a successful professional upon completion. You’ll learn all the business basics that will universally advance you in your respective field, regardless of what that may be.

1/2 cup of dedication. You signed on to do ten intensive, rewarding weeks of business classes. You just finished what was probably a brutal, typical college semester and rather than hitting the beach like your friends, you have to hit the books again. You aren’t a business major, so the topics might not come innately to you, so you best be ready hit those books and hit them hard during those ten weeks. So dedicate yourself to the program, to the classes and to #investing in your future. For best results, add more than suggested dedication.

2 pinches of teamwork. You are going to be spending a pretty decent portion of the summer in your groups for Competitive Effectiveness. In order to make that time as fun as it can be, be a team player. Show up to meetings prepared, take on an equal amount of work, and bring your a-game to the table. With any group of smart, opinionated college students from all different backgrounds, there are definite chances for a collusion of those ideas. So while putting in the pinches of teamwork, sprinkle in some cooperation while you’re at it.

3/4 cup of ideas and creativity. Your final project is going to be a doozey. Regardless of the company you are making the business plan for, you are going to need to make a unique, stand-out presentation to impress them. The more creative the better because that will make you stand out from the competition.

2 spoonfuls of positivity. In fact heap this stuff on because you can do this. You are at Villanova for a reason and you are doing SBI for that same reason: you are one smart cookie. If you put in the time and effort in to all of your classes, you will be successful.

Joke of the day:

What do you call the heavy breathing someone makes while trying to hold their downward facing dog pose?

Yoga pants.