Back In Action


Why hello there, Liz Roller here and I am so excited to be writing to you today as the new editor of the SBI blog. The previous editor, Greg, is basically a blogging super star. So, I’m stoked to take over, but realize that I have some pretty big shoes to fill.

I have just completed my training, your average Karate Kid learning how to paint the fence… but blog style. While I have been learning the ropes of what I do, I figured I’d share with you what this blog is going to be about. Bottom line- this blog is about all things SBI. Each day of the week has a theme with the intention of introducing you to all the aspects and facets that make SBI what it is. Starting off our week, I will do “Motivational Monday” because we all can agree that if Monday had a face, we’d take some pleasure in punching it. Taking that into consideration, I’ll be posting something that, hopefully, makes you chuckle just enough to make it through that dreaded day. Tuesday will be a post about a SBI Ambassador so you get to meet the spokespeople for SBI because they are casually awesome. Wednesday is going to be a potpourri of post- it will keep things fresh so you don’t know what to expect (I can’t tell you all of my secrets, now can I?). Thursday will feature our fantastic faculty, administration, and alumni that make SBI the amazing program that it is. Friday will finish off with a “Fast Five” post that introduces you the ins and outs of SBI from the perspective of an alum. That’s pretty cool right? Super helpful for all of you interested in SBI and want to know every teeny tiny detail.

Now, I figured I should tell you a bit about myself so you know who will be writing to you this year. I am a nursing major and SBI alum of 2014 (what what) from Northern Virginia. Here’s a picture of me- I like putting faces to names so If you’re like me here ya go!IMG_5756

Fresh out of the SBI program, I can whole-heartily say that it was the best thing I have done at Villanova thus far. It was truly the most worthwhile ten weeks of my college career and recommend it to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, it was ridiculously rigorous and I believe my temporary address for the summer was actually Bartley 2001, but I would definitely do it again if I could. Anyway, in order to get to know me better, here are a few fun facts about myself. First off, I hiccup at least once a day. It’s a thing, I swear- I was diagnosed with a spastic diaphragm in the fourth grade and actually hiccuped when I logged in to write this post. Second, I hate pants. I never wear them, always in dresses or skirts. In fact, if you ever see me in pants, I’d suggest not asking me how my day is going because it’s probably sub par since I’m wearing pants. Third, I love mac and cheese more than life. Seriously. In fact, if you every see me wearing pants and you bring me mac and cheese, odds are I will forget how upset I am by the whole pant situation. Also, I do a killer fish face, second to none actually, I am obsessed with country music,and am a hard-core nationer (#gocats). Finally, I love corny jokes. A lot. Your should expect to be bombarded with them through the course of this year. Alright, you probably think I’m insane by this point. I promise I’m not… well, I promise I don’t think I am. But I truly am so excited to be writing to you this year and I hope you are all pumped to love SBI as much as I do.

I hope you all are as excited as I am for this year. Stay tuned for our Fast Five tomorrow and all of the posts to come. I’ll leave you with a joke ( I told you I love them) and hope you have a fantastic Thursday.  Until tomorrow!


Liz Roller

How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

You look for fresh prints.

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