Recipe for Success in SBI


It’s no secret that SBI is a rigorous ten week program. Being on the other side of the tunnel, I am here to say that it is not only survivable, but also fun ten weeks. You might be questioning my sanity currently, but it truly is fun. You are learning some pretty interesting things about this business world and regardless of your major, its going to be helpful and applicable information down the road. While you might be currently deliberating if you have what it takes to SBI, I have created a recipe for success in the program because I A) want to share the things that helped me get through and B) love cooking (another fun fact). So if you are on the fence, hopefully this recipe helps encourage you to not only do SBI, but kick butt while doing it.

Recipe for Success in SBI


1 teaspoon of excitement. The classes that you will be talking are awesome and there will definitely be something that you are  interested in-so get pumped. The faculty are amazing and 100% there to help you and make sure you succeeded. The program itself will get you introduced to the business world and will teach you how to be a successful professional upon completion. You’ll learn all the business basics that will universally advance you in your respective field, regardless of what that may be.

1/2 cup of dedication. You signed on to do ten intensive, rewarding weeks of business classes. You just finished what was probably a brutal, typical college semester and rather than hitting the beach like your friends, you have to hit the books again. You aren’t a business major, so the topics might not come innately to you, so you best be ready hit those books and hit them hard during those ten weeks. So dedicate yourself to the program, to the classes and to #investing in your future. For best results, add more than suggested dedication.

2 pinches of teamwork. You are going to be spending a pretty decent portion of the summer in your groups for Competitive Effectiveness. In order to make that time as fun as it can be, be a team player. Show up to meetings prepared, take on an equal amount of work, and bring your a-game to the table. With any group of smart, opinionated college students from all different backgrounds, there are definite chances for a collusion of those ideas. So while putting in the pinches of teamwork, sprinkle in some cooperation while you’re at it.

3/4 cup of ideas and creativity. Your final project is going to be a doozey. Regardless of the company you are making the business plan for, you are going to need to make a unique, stand-out presentation to impress them. The more creative the better because that will make you stand out from the competition.

2 spoonfuls of positivity. In fact heap this stuff on because you can do this. You are at Villanova for a reason and you are doing SBI for that same reason: you are one smart cookie. If you put in the time and effort in to all of your classes, you will be successful.

Joke of the day:

What do you call the heavy breathing someone makes while trying to hold their downward facing dog pose?

Yoga pants.

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