Ambassador Profile: Kristen Leen


Happy Tuesday everyone! Kristen Leen here, taking over the blog today. Let me tell you a little bit about myself… I am a junior Communications major (with a newly added business minor of course!) from New Jersey. Besides being an SBI Ambassador, I am involved in the a few other things here at Villanova. I am a Men’s Basketball manager (GO CATS!), I play club field hockey, I am a member of Greek Life, and I am on the Day of Service committee (see you all on Saturday!). Fun facts: I’m a Pinterest addict, I’m a lefty, and I can’t live without balsamic vinaigrette.


SBI has extended my knowledge base – and overall feeling of smartness -immensely. After taking Applied Economics, I can pick up the Wall Street Journal and actually know what it was talking about. Before the Financial Management and Reporting course, I knew nothing about finance or accounting, but after many hours spent in my professors’ offices, I can now say that I have a firm grasp of it! I even plan to take a Personal Finance course next semester. Since the introduction to marketing in Competitive Effectiveness, I now analyze every advertisement I see in a magazine or online as if I were the marketing director. I’ve always been interested in working in the sports industry, and thanks to Corporate Responsibility and its introduction to business law, I am planning to enroll in Villanova Law School’s Master Certificate Program in Business and Law of Sports in addition to my undergraduate degree.

My most memorable SBI experience was definitely the Competitive Effectiveness project. Not to brag, but my group was awesome! We knew we were in it for the long haul together, so we took the time and effort to get to know each other outside of the academic setting. We took a field trip to the King of Prussia Mall, stalked each other’s Facebook pages back through the depths of time (5 years really makes a difference people!), and made Wednesday night “Quizzo” a thing.  As the leader of our group, I made it a rule that if you were more than five minutes late to a meeting, you had to share an embarrassing story, which was always hilarious. In the final days before we were to present our project, we averaged about 14 hours in the same classroom (shout out to Bartley 2073), but everyone was so dedicated to the project that it didn’t even feel like that long…OK, it did, but we got through it together! Our SBI experience ended on a high note when we advanced to the final round of presentations and ended up winning the whole competition! I attribute our success to how well we worked together, which developed especially in the time we spent outside of class.

It is hard to put into words how valuable my SBI experience was, but I hope this gave any prospective students a good glimpse. Like any alum of the program will tell you, it is an incredibly rewarding experience that is definitely worth the ten weeks. And the best part is…during the summer, you never have to fight for a table in The Exchange!

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