Ambassador Profile: Theresa Thompson


MEEEEWhen people think of SBI, they think of things like “but it’s over summer…”, “ten weeks of school for how many hours a day?!” or “I don’t even know how to spell business” and trust me, those were all going through my head when I was deciding whether or not to do SBI. As an SBI Ambassador, I want to make people realize that SBI is worth the ten weeks of work because with it, you make great friends, build your business background, and have a good time as well. After attending SBI, I learned so much more about all-things business that I cannot even put in words, but let me describe a situation. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with an employer for an engineering company who was describing an internship to me and he said “We do not really look at student applications who have an engineering only academic discipline as we know the lack of knowledge in necessary areas such as communication, management, and business”. With that, I was ecstatic to explain to him that I attended SBI and we went on for thirty more minutes about finance, accounting, and management that I knew I would have never been able to follow before doing SBI.

My favorite course in SBI, Competitive Effectiveness, taught me how to work in teams effectively and that has helped me drastically in my engineering curriculum this year. The engineering courses sophomore year are all about teamwork and there is not one assignment that is not done with a group. From my CE class, I have transferred my knowledge to my teammates and now (let’s be honest here), we are the best group in engineering out there, thanks to SBI!

With that, I am here to say that SBI is a necessity in all disciplines and is definitely worth spending one summer at Villanova. Being from California, I passed up the sunny weather at the beach outside all day to be in Bartley inside all day, and I have no regrets. My advice to you is:

  1.    SBI is a no-brainer, so just do it! You will have no regrets once you finish up your time in Bartley this summer.
  2.    Find the right people to hang out with. Study groups were my life saver and trust me, SBI cannot be done alone. Every now and then, you’re going to need a break to just go in the Bartley halls and sing so loud people shut their doors, and you don’t want to do that alone!
  3.    Get acquainted with the Bartley 3rd floor. Whether a study room or a classroom, learn to love it because you will be living there. Bring some blankets and just move in to the study rooms, but remember make sure you have your study buddies with you!
  4.    Don’t forget to have fun. Even though you may feel like every weekend means time for studying, do not forget to get off campus, grab some food, and never forget about bonding with your section and your group, after all you spend your summer with the same 35 people all, so make some new friends!

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