TED Talk Thursday


Happy Thursday!!

Continuing the music theme from Monday, I found this TED talk this week and I thought it was pretty cool. It’s about Jeb Banner’s take on how all the necessary skills he feels you need to know in order to be successful in business, he learned from being in a band. He shares some pretty interesting insights into leadership, marketing, team work, creativity, negotiation. Watch and enjoy!

Ambassador Profile: Emily Bodkin


I am a senior humanities major, with minors in Spanish, political science, and business. My SBI experience has been extremely beneficial. Through the program I was able to identify aspects of business that I really enjoy and excel at. This semester I’m applying my newly discovered passion and talents in marketing through my internship in the Marketing and Special Events Department at Philadelphia magazine. Without my experience in SBI, especially in CE, I probably wouldn’t have my internship and wouldn’t have the necessary skills and tools to succeed in such a competitive, fasted-paced industry. Additionally, the knowledge I learned in all of our classes, from finance to Professional Sucess, has allowed for a better understanding of personal finance and responsibility for my actions in the business world, which is invaluable. My favorite memory of SBI is how fun our section was. In the beginning of the semester few people really knew each other, but as the summer progressed, especially as the CE teams within our section became close, our section bonded as a whole through Wednesday night Quizzo.  I decided to become an SBI ambassador to promote the possibility that the program brings to non-business students. I want to promote the idea that just because you have a business degree doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and work for a big financial company, but rather a basic understanding of business can open so many doors for other careers, even in more creative fields. A basic understanding of business is fundamental in understanding the decisions we make everyday, from personal finance to where we shop. The best part of being an SBI ambassador is the opportunity to see friends I made during the program. Attending info sessions & other ambassador activities is a great way to keep in touch with my CE team, classmates, and friends I made along the way.

Motivation Music Monday


Everyone loves a good playlist. And a playlist with upbeat songs to get you through the week? Well, I don’t think it get much better than that. So here is a list of some of my ten favorite motivation songs that I hope help you get through the week!

  1. Life In Color– OneRepublic
  2. Don’t Stop Believing– Journey
  3. The Days– Avicii
  4. Carry on– Fun.
  5. On Top of the World– Imagine Dragons
  6. Pompeii– Bastille
  7. Born to Run– Bruce Springsteen
  8. Stronger- Kelly Clarkson
  9. All I do is Win- DJ Khaled
  10. Livin on a Prayer– Bon Jovi

Joke of the Day:

Why do birds fly south in the Fall?

Because it’s too far to walk.

Fast Five with Scott Michener


Scott  is a member of the Villanova class of 2015 from Doylestown, Pennsylvania . He is pursuing majors in Astronomy & Astrophysics, with minors in Physics, Mathematics, Business.

What are your career plans?

I am interested in pursuing a career in business analytics or scientific research, preferably with Exoplanets.

Any SBI study tips/tricks?

Always ask your professors for help and make the effort to bond with your CE team. Getting along with your team makes SBI so much easier. I know it may be hard at times, but try to enjoy the experience!

Favorite SBI study hangout?

Definitely Bartley 2073. My team (Shout out to the A-Team) and I spent many hours in this room perfecting our winning CE project.

All-time favorite movie?

A Walk to Remember. Just kidding. It’s a toss-up between October Sky and Apollo 13.

What’s a “fun fact” about yourself?

I taught myself how to play the guitar and I’ve been playing for 6 years.

Who You Could be Without a Business Degree


By this point, you (hopefully) have a good understanding that you really don’t need a business degree to make it big in the business world. Programs like SBI give students a well rounded view of the business world so that they are competent professional who have, helping them supplement their degree. Today, I wanted to shed light on some super talented professional who didn’t major in anything buisness-y related in their undergrad degree (just like you).

1. Michael Eisner, former Dinsey CEO  of twenty years, who was a English and Theater major.

2. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs  was a government major.

3. Anne Mulcahy, former CEO and chairwomen of Xerox studied English and journalism.

4. Brian Moynihan serves as the director, president and CEO of Bank of America and was a history major.

5. Andrea Jung is the former CEO of Avon and studied English literature.

So- where will your major lead you?

Joke of the Day:

How do you fix a broken pumpkin?

With a pumpkin patch

To read more about professionals who weren’t business majors, http://www.businessinsider.com/successful-liberal-arts-majors-2012-12?op=1

Motivational Monday


Welcome Back Wildcats! I hope everyone had a great fall break- whether you went on a break trip, went on a vacation, or went home and did nothing, I hope it was awesome. We are now halfway through the semester and could probably use some extra motivation to push you through these next quick weeks. I read an article from Time Magazine explaining the three necessary steps needed to motivate yourself and I thought I would share them as they are quite useful in reevaluating your priorities the rest of the semester to make it a great few weeks!!

So step number one, according to Time is to get positive. Simple enough right? Whatever it is you are doing, whether it might be mundane calculus, or impossible chemistry, make the extra effort to see the positive side in it as there is a multitude of research that shows that a positive attitude increases productivity.  Hey, I’m sure we all could be bit more productive in whatever it is that we are doing.

Step number two is to get rewarded and who  doesn’t like rewards? Whether that reward is getting the grade you worked so hard for on a test, or if you treat yourself after you accomplish something, Time found that rewards motivate us to do seventy-five percent of the things we do.

Step number three is to get peer pressure. While this might seem like a bizarre thing to get, Time  found that peers are a fantastic source of motivation. Surrounding yourself with the right people will inspire you to work harder and achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

Joke of the Day:

Whats a tree’s least favorite month?


To read more, go to http://time.com/2933971/how-to-motivate-yourself-3-steps-backed-by-science/



Hi Friends- it’s Wednesday (finally) so that means we are officially halfway to the much needed weekend if your midterm week is anything like mine. We can do this. So this is the third and final reason for why you should obtain your business minor.

Number 3: To Actually Know Business 

Yeah this seems like a pretty obvious fact, but it’s true. I talked about this about week one,  with respect to how I literally knew nothing about business before I did SBI. It’s incredibly important to actually know business before we enter into the working world. Eventually, we will all be working out in the real world, signing mortgages, and maybe even running our own businesses. Taking all that into account, it’d probably be helpful to know the basics about how the economy works, how to calculate interest rates, and how to even run a business. All of the classes that you take in SBI do just that. They introduce non-business students to the world of financial records, successful leadership skills and even the legal matters for starting a business. It’s incredibly helpful to introduce and make students comfortable with the business-y things that we will eventually have to know.

And that’s it- plain and simple. Get a business minor to know master business.

Joke of the Day:

What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?

Nacho Cheese.