Happy Wednesday everyone- we made it, half way until the (much needed weekend). As promised, today is part two of the top three reasons for why you should have a business minor- get pumped.

Number 2: To Put the “Pro” in Professionalism

Regardless of where your major takes you- odds are you will end up at a job. And considering you are going to be a Villanova graduate, odds are you will end up at a very good job. But before you get there, you have to go through various different steps- making a killer resume, nailing the interview, and keeping up that professionalism once you get the super awesome job. One huge perk of taking SBI is learning every tiny detail about professionalism.

You will take a class called Professional Success where you will harness all these awesome skills. One class, we had a resume workshop- a session I dreaded as I had never put one together before. But after peer-reviewing and work-shopping my  “resume” (if you can even call it that because it was so awful) I was able to concoct a resume that was one worth giving potential employers.

Other sessions included a business luncheon that taught SBI participants how to conduct themselves in a business meal setting. There are so many teeny tiny rules that, once you know, make you that much more prepared for the workplace.

Other sessions included a networking event where students talked with actual professionals in fields that they were interested in to master the elevator pitch and just meeting people in their field. Both of which are incredibly valuable assets in the business world. Students also practiced interview etiquette and mastered the art of creating a brand on social media.

And all of things are ridiculously important for conducting yourself in a professional setting. According to an article in Forbes,  many of the tactics that you learn during SBI including the elevator pitch and how to properly shake hands, are among some important things every business professional should know.

To read more about the important things every business professional should know see:

Forbes Office Tips

Joke of the Day:

Why was the koala upset that he wasn’t considered a bear?

Because he thought he had all the necessary koala-fications.

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