Fast Five with Ryan McNulty


Ryan is a member of the Villanova class of 2016 from Westwood, Massachusetts. He is pursuing a major in Computer Engineering, with minors in Business and Computer Science.

Why did you decide to do SBI?

To gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to communicate with those in the business field; essentially to make myself a more effective engineer.

What’s a “fun fact” about yourself?

Every kid in my family has a scar over their right eye through various childhood accidents.

All-time favorite movie?

V for Vendetta.

Favorite SBI study hangout?

My apartment off-campus. However, the business school lounges look really comfortable.

What are your career plans?

Not quite sure yet, but it seems having the skills and knowledge that I will learn in SBI will be an advantage in whatever field I decide to go into.

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