Motivational Monday


Welcome Back Wildcats! I hope everyone had a great fall break- whether you went on a break trip, went on a vacation, or went home and did nothing, I hope it was awesome. We are now halfway through the semester and could probably use some extra motivation to push you through these next quick weeks. I read an article from Time Magazine explaining the three necessary steps needed to motivate yourself and I thought I would share them as they are quite useful in reevaluating your priorities the rest of the semester to make it a great few weeks!!

So step number one, according to Time is to get positive. Simple enough right? Whatever it is you are doing, whether it might be mundane calculus, or impossible chemistry, make the extra effort to see the positive side in it as there is a multitude of research that shows that a positive attitude increases productivity.  Hey, I’m sure we all could be bit more productive in whatever it is that we are doing.

Step number two is to get rewarded and who  doesn’t like rewards? Whether that reward is getting the grade you worked so hard for on a test, or if you treat yourself after you accomplish something, Time found that rewards motivate us to do seventy-five percent of the things we do.

Step number three is to get peer pressure. While this might seem like a bizarre thing to get, Time  found that peers are a fantastic source of motivation. Surrounding yourself with the right people will inspire you to work harder and achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

Joke of the Day:

Whats a tree’s least favorite month?


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