Who You Could be Without a Business Degree


By this point, you (hopefully) have a good understanding that you really don’t need a business degree to make it big in the business world. Programs like SBI give students a well rounded view of the business world so that they are competent professional who have, helping them supplement their degree. Today, I wanted to shed light on some super talented professional who didn’t major in anything buisness-y related in their undergrad degree (just like you).

1. Michael Eisner, former Dinsey CEO  of twenty years, who was a English and Theater major.

2. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs  was a government major.

3. Anne Mulcahy, former CEO and chairwomen of Xerox studied English and journalism.

4. Brian Moynihan serves as the director, president and CEO of Bank of America and was a history major.

5. Andrea Jung is the former CEO of Avon and studied English literature.

So- where will your major lead you?

Joke of the Day:

How do you fix a broken pumpkin?

With a pumpkin patch

To read more about professionals who weren’t business majors, http://www.businessinsider.com/successful-liberal-arts-majors-2012-12?op=1

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