Ambassador Profile: Emily Bodkin


I am a senior humanities major, with minors in Spanish, political science, and business. My SBI experience has been extremely beneficial. Through the program I was able to identify aspects of business that I really enjoy and excel at. This semester I’m applying my newly discovered passion and talents in marketing through my internship in the Marketing and Special Events Department at Philadelphia magazine. Without my experience in SBI, especially in CE, I probably wouldn’t have my internship and wouldn’t have the necessary skills and tools to succeed in such a competitive, fasted-paced industry. Additionally, the knowledge I learned in all of our classes, from finance to Professional Sucess, has allowed for a better understanding of personal finance and responsibility for my actions in the business world, which is invaluable. My favorite memory of SBI is how fun our section was. In the beginning of the semester few people really knew each other, but as the summer progressed, especially as the CE teams within our section became close, our section bonded as a whole through Wednesday night Quizzo.  I decided to become an SBI ambassador to promote the possibility that the program brings to non-business students. I want to promote the idea that just because you have a business degree doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and work for a big financial company, but rather a basic understanding of business can open so many doors for other careers, even in more creative fields. A basic understanding of business is fundamental in understanding the decisions we make everyday, from personal finance to where we shop. The best part of being an SBI ambassador is the opportunity to see friends I made during the program. Attending info sessions & other ambassador activities is a great way to keep in touch with my CE team, classmates, and friends I made along the way.

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