Motivational Monday


Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloweekend!

I found this video today and it made me really happy. Kid President, undeniably, has his life more together than I do at 20. That being said, he offers really cute and relatable insight into the little things in life. This video is about 20 things that we should say more often. While some, like offering a corn dog, might be a little bizarre, the general idea of taking the time to say something thoughtful is one that we all should try to do more often. All too frequently, we don’t realize the impact that the little things we say can have on people. So I challenge you to say at least one of these things to someone this week- bonus points if it’s the corn dog one.

Joke of the Day:

Q: What did the football coach say to the broken vending machine?

A: “Give me my quarterback!”

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