Everything YOU Want to Know: Part I


I decided to start a new sequence of posts that focus on everything YOU as non-SBIers want to know. I went out and asked 15 people what is one question they would want to know about  SBI. I told them it could be about anything at all- whether it was something that they were just wondering about, or if it was something that would make them want to do the program in the following years. So here are the first three questions and responses to them. Hopefully, if these are your questions, you now have a response. Or you at least know more about SBI. If you have any questions that you’d like answered, comment below and I’ll be sure to answer it for you!

1. “Who actually teaches the classes?”
The faculty of SBI are the super awesome faculty of the Business school. The program doesn’t get random outside professors- nope, its the same faculty that teach every day in Bartley. The professors that your friends might have in year for FMR (Financial Management and Reporting) could be the exact same ones that you could have during the summer. The faculty is amazing; they all are so knowledgeable in their fields and they are truly excited to be teaching during the summer.

2. “How busy is the campus during the summer?”

Not going to lie, the campus is definitely less populated during the summer. There are roughly 120 SBIers, some students here for other summer classes and research, athletes, and then some campers. The campus is definitely less busy during the summer, but there are enough people on campus so you don’t feel like you’re the only one here.

3. “Is FMR as bad as everyone makes it seem?”

Financial Management and Reporting is a difficult class. The material is something that most non-business students haven’t seen before. But the professors are very thorough in making sure students understand everything and constantly offer extended office hours to help students. The program also offers tutoring hours for FMR during the session a few times a week where students can go for extra help and practice. So yeah- it may be difficult content, but the program accommodates that, making many help options available.

Who feels more confident about SBI having their questions answered??


Joke of the Day:

Q: How do pigs get to the hospital?

A: In a hambulance.

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