Hi Everyone- here’s part three of everything you want to know about SBI!

1. What is the daily schedule like for the summer?

Everyday, you will have classes from 9-4 with an hour long break in the middle for lunch. So you will have one class from 9-12 and then another class from 1-4. The schedule stays mostly the same from summer to summer, but I’ll tell you what my schedule was like so you have an idea. For the first week, we took Business Fundamentals in the morning and then had some professional development classes in the afternoon. Business Fundamentals is a one credit class, so we were done with that after the first week of SBI. Then we started Financial Management & Reporting (FMR) and Corporate Responsibility; one class was in the morning, and one was in the afternoon. Typically when you had a test in these classes, your test would be in the morning session  and you wouldn’t have an afternoon class. We took these two classes for about four weeks and then we started Applied Economics and Competitive Effectiveness (CE), which followed the same format; one class was in the morning and the other was in the afternoon.

2. Do you get any breaks?

We had a few days off for the Fourth of July holiday which was a much appreciated long weekend. Other than that you have some Friday afternoons off based on when tests fall so you get an early start to the weekend.

3. How do the groups for CE work?

The groups are randomly assigned at the beginning of SBI; there are many factors taken into consideration when the groups are made like majors, GPAs, class years, things like that, so that there is a wide distribution of backgrounds in each group. This adds awesome perspective when you are doing group work because everyone offers different insight. You do some work with your group the first few weeks of SBI, but will be doing a lot more when CE starts.

Joke of the Day:

Q: Why did the scarecrow get a raise?

A: He was outstanding in his field.

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