End of the Fall Semester!


Let the home stretch of the semester begin. I’m sure everyone is studying away in preparation for next week’s finals and if you are like me, that studying is a bit more like cramming. But you’ve got this. You have put in a ton of work this semester and finals week- while it is a wee bit stressful- is really a time for you to show-off all that you have learned. So study hard, get sleep, eat healthy, and keep calm, it’s almost break.


With that in mind- it’s a good time to start your SBI application or talk to your parents over break about the great opportunity that SBI is for you.  Applications will be up soon and with rolling decision, you could know by the early months of second semester. School is one of the last things I like to think about over break, but it’s a really straightforward application and something worth doing before life gets back up to crazy speed next semester. Here is the link to apply– get ready because these babies go up December 15th!!

I hope you all have amazing breaks. You are so close to being done the semester and then you will be able to relax, sleep, and have fun over break! Happy Holidays to you and your family, and I’ll see you in the New Year!

What it’s like to do SBI as told by your favorite animated movies


So you signed up to do SBI and you show up on the first day ready to go and eager to get your business minor.


Once it gets going, you realize that it is going to be a lot of work and you get a little scared.tumblr_mzgjzmUmua1sixabco1_500

But you remember you are smart all all you need to do is study and think.

635518442245284343273781395_tenth real

Then FMR begins and your cash flow, income statement and balance sheet won’t balance.

merida-gifBut then it finally does and you know you’ve got this. tumblr_static_let-it-goThen FMR is over and you are halfway there, and not gonna lie, a bit exhausted.

tumblr_inline_my3xw1Bo791ro8qpoBut you have a good group, and hey, are actually having a pretty good time.

When group work begins, there might be a few problems that you all encounter.

giphyBut you make a great project and do a fantastic presentation, because hey- you are all in this together. tumblr_inline_ms489w9lq71qz4rgpAnd before you know it- the ten weeks are over and you have a business minor!!


Everything You Want to Know: Part 4


Hey Everyone! Here are three new questions I was asked about SBI. Hope these answers help with some of your questions- but as always, if you have more, comment and I’ll be sure to answer it next time.

1. “What are the specifics of the application process?”

It is an online application that consists of some questions to answer. After that you send in your transcript, resume, and and then a short essay in which you explain why you want to do SBI and you are good to go. The deadline to apply is April 15. The awesome thing about the application process is that it is rolling. Once you apply, the admissions crew will get back to you in only one month. There is no fee or minimum GPA to apply. Can’t think of any reason to not apply, right?

2. “When is the best time to do SBI?”

Honestly, anytime. There are people doing it after each grade and some even after graduation. Some students have job commitments or classes they need to take for their major during certain summers. So if you have a summer free-whenever it fits into your schedule-is the best time.

3. “Where do people study?”

Anywhere and everywhere. Students who live on campus will study in Bartley, the library, the study lounges of their dorms, or their dorms itself. Students off campus study in Bartley, in their off-campus houses. Basically anywhere students find a comfy conducive spot for studying is where they will study.

Joke of the Day:

Q:What do you call fifty penguins in the Amazon?

A: Lost

Ambassador Profile: Paige Kohler


Since graduating SBI I have become an SBI ambassador. One of the main reasons I decided to do this was because I wanted to be a part of the force that has been driving SBI to become a bigger and more effective program. Over the past years the program has been steadily increasing in size. This year we hope to get even more people on board. Although “giving up” a summer to go to school may discourage some, we aim to encourage people to use the summer as an investment in their future. After spending my summer completing SBI, I have used my Business minor to leverage my Communication major. Many of the concepts I learned during the summer have carried over into many of my Communication courses. My summer with SBI has helped me discover a potential career path that I am interested in–I have developed a passion for the media industry after working with QVC in Competitive Effectiveness. SBI offered different networking experiences throughout the summer that allowed me to meet various professionals. My successful experience with SBI has influenced me to urge others to consider a business minor. The program is meant for all non-business majors regardless of class year, which allows you to meet different people. SBI has enhanced my education and overall experience at Villanova.

Motivational Monday


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. If you are anything like me you are just starting to get out of the food coma you’ve been in since Thursday.

Since we are at that time of the year where finals are all too quickly approaching and the holiday season puts us in a great, but distracting-us-from-studying mood, we need some motivation to get through this week. And there is no one better at motivating than Kid President. This is his guide to being awesome as “life is too short to not be awesome”. Kid President has a short list of ways to be awesome and the rest are in his book. It’s a cute short video and I hope it gives you the motivation to be awesome this week.