Ambassador Profile: Paige Kohler


Since graduating SBI I have become an SBI ambassador. One of the main reasons I decided to do this was because I wanted to be a part of the force that has been driving SBI to become a bigger and more effective program. Over the past years the program has been steadily increasing in size. This year we hope to get even more people on board. Although “giving up” a summer to go to school may discourage some, we aim to encourage people to use the summer as an investment in their future. After spending my summer completing SBI, I have used my Business minor to leverage my Communication major. Many of the concepts I learned during the summer have carried over into many of my Communication courses. My summer with SBI has helped me discover a potential career path that I am interested in–I have developed a passion for the media industry after working with QVC in Competitive Effectiveness. SBI offered different networking experiences throughout the summer that allowed me to meet various professionals. My successful experience with SBI has influenced me to urge others to consider a business minor. The program is meant for all non-business majors regardless of class year, which allows you to meet different people. SBI has enhanced my education and overall experience at Villanova.

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