Everything You Want to Know: Part 4


Hey Everyone! Here are three new questions I was asked about SBI. Hope these answers help with some of your questions- but as always, if you have more, comment and I’ll be sure to answer it next time.

1. “What are the specifics of the application process?”

It is an online application that consists of some questions to answer. After that you send in your transcript, resume, and and then a short essay in which you explain why you want to do SBI and you are good to go. The deadline to apply is April 15. The awesome thing about the application process is that it is rolling. Once you apply, the admissions crew will get back to you in only one month. There is no fee or minimum GPA to apply. Can’t think of any reason to not apply, right?

2. “When is the best time to do SBI?”

Honestly, anytime. There are people doing it after each grade and some even after graduation. Some students have job commitments or classes they need to take for their major during certain summers. So if you have a summer free-whenever it fits into your schedule-is the best time.

3. “Where do people study?”

Anywhere and everywhere. Students who live on campus will study in Bartley, the library, the study lounges of their dorms, or their dorms itself. Students off campus study in Bartley, in their off-campus houses. Basically anywhere students find a comfy conducive spot for studying is where they will study.

Joke of the Day:

Q:What do you call fifty penguins in the Amazon?

A: Lost

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