What it’s like to do SBI as told by your favorite animated movies


So you signed up to do SBI and you show up on the first day ready to go and eager to get your business minor.


Once it gets going, you realize that it is going to be a lot of work and you get a little scared.tumblr_mzgjzmUmua1sixabco1_500

But you remember you are smart all all you need to do is study and think.

635518442245284343273781395_tenth real

Then FMR begins and your cash flow, income statement and balance sheet won’t balance.

merida-gifBut then it finally does and you know you’ve got this. tumblr_static_let-it-goThen FMR is over and you are halfway there, and not gonna lie, a bit exhausted.

tumblr_inline_my3xw1Bo791ro8qpoBut you have a good group, and hey, are actually having a pretty good time.

When group work begins, there might be a few problems that you all encounter.

giphyBut you make a great project and do a fantastic presentation, because hey- you are all in this together. tumblr_inline_ms489w9lq71qz4rgpAnd before you know it- the ten weeks are over and you have a business minor!!


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