End of the Fall Semester!


Let the home stretch of the semester begin. I’m sure everyone is studying away in preparation for next week’s finals and if you are like me, that studying is a bit more like cramming. But you’ve got this. You have put in a ton of work this semester and finals week- while it is a wee bit stressful- is really a time for you to show-off all that you have learned. So study hard, get sleep, eat healthy, and keep calm, it’s almost break.


With that in mind- it’s a good time to start your SBI application or talk to your parents over break about the great opportunity that SBI is for you.  Applications will be up soon and with rolling decision, you could know by the early months of second semester. School is one of the last things I like to think about over break, but it’s a really straightforward application and something worth doing before life gets back up to crazy speed next semester. Here is the link to apply– get ready because these babies go up December 15th!!

I hope you all have amazing breaks. You are so close to being done the semester and then you will be able to relax, sleep, and have fun over break! Happy Holidays to you and your family, and I’ll see you in the New Year!

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