Ambassador Profile– Steven Buonomo



I decided to become an SBI Ambassador because I wanted to be able to share my positive experience with other students who are considering SBI. I was very indecisive and unsure of SBI before I sent in my application last winter. I would like to be able to help other students who are going through this same discernment period as I was this time last year.

Since completing SBI, I believe that I have had a more complete understanding of the business world around me. When business topics are brought up among my friends, I am now able to engage in their conversations, impressing them with my new business background. Additionally, SBI has inspired me to look into additional business courses, and I am currently taking a finance elective which I have found very fascinating thus far!

SBI has given me new tools to help me be successful as I progress through my career as a Mechanical Engineer. I believe that my engineering curriculum has been complemented with business fundamentals that will help me make more informed decisions in the future. Although I plan to maintain a career path in the field of engineering, I hope that my business background will set me aside from my colleagues, allowing me to propel vertically through a company to a management position.

I believe that the best knowledge base was simply the business lingo and business background that I was able to learn through SBI. Before taking part in the program, I was not familiar with topics such as financial sheets or boards of directors. I now believe that if I were to sit in a room of business professionals, I would be able to not only understand what they are discussing, but also be able to intelligently chime in and voice my opinion. I am grateful for SBI for instilling in me this confidence.

My most memorable SBI experience was when I was given the opportunity to present our group’s final presentation in our Competitive Effectiveness course to our corporate client, QVC. I was honored that my group trusted me with this responsibility, and I made sure to make the most of it. Although I was initially a little nervous, I took the podium with my partner and we gave an awesome proposal to professional directors of QVC. I felt an amazing feeling of both accomplishment and pride as I, and engineer, was presenting our business research to a few business professionals. I will never forget that feeling of poise as we presented that summer morning, and I am graeful for SBI for allowing me to achieve such an opportunity.

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