Everything You Want to Know: Part 5


It’s been a while- but it is time for the final post of the things that everyone wants to know about SBI. These are the  final three questions that I had found that people wanted to know about SBI- but if there is any other pressing questions that you have about the program- let me know and the answers are all yours.

1. “So this might be a stupid question- but what do you wear to class?”

There is never a stupid question! Basically people wear what they wear to any class- and it’s summer and campus does get pretty hot so keep that in mind. But Barltey is also a tad on the chilly side- so plan accordingly. Just an insider tip. Also- you will need some business causal attire for the networking event, meeting the client, and for the presentation. So make sure to pack a few nice outfits for occasions like that.

2.  “How easy is it to go home on the weekends?”

It definitely depends where you live- classes end at 4 typically (sometimes 12 if there aren’t afternoon classes) so if you want to go home it is definitely possible. On most weekends, people are studying, doing work, or hanging out around campus. Students mostly chose to go home one or twice a month, and sometimes not even that many because home is just too far. But there is always something to do on campus- so you won’t feel the need to go home just to have something to do.

3. “I know that you have classes and the group project towards the end of the program- how time consuming are both because I feel like that is a ton of work?”

It definitely is a fair amount of work- but during the last week, the Applied Economics class is finished and it is just Competitive Effectiveness.  And even when they are both going, the majority of the homework for both classes is team work so a lot of it is allocation proper time to each class in the group setting. When Economics is done, we had that just in the morning, and then would work on the project in the afternoon. It is very manageable, just make sure you stay on top of timing and it will all get done!

Joke of the day:

Q: What type of shoes do thieves wear?

A: Sneakers

Ambassador Profile: Sara Casagrand


When I applied to SBI and even when I started during the summer of 2013, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in life. As a rising sophomore, I was still undecided about my major, as well as uncertain about my interests and talents. Business was a whole new world for me and, to be honest, it intimidated me at first. Soon, however, I started to love the real-world application and interconnectedness of each of the SBI classes I took.

My favorite part of my SBI experience was our Competitive Effectiveness class. I quickly developed a strong interest in marketing—and then the wheels started turning. I decided I wanted to complement my brand-new business minor with a marketing minor. Then I chose my major, Communication, and my concentration, Writing & Rhetoric, based on my other skills and interests. Public relations, business, marketing, and writing—I’ve found that each of my academic areas of study overlap and inform one another, and I’m so pleased with the opportunities that this combination has provided me with.

SBI was tough; the program challenged me mentally (and sometimes emotionally and physically) on a daily basis. But completing the program has almost single-handedly determined my career path. I spent the summer after SBI as a content creation intern with Hello Marketing, a small inbound marketing agency, because of the writing and the marketing skills that I brought to the table—skills I would not have had if I hadn’t already earned a business minor. It’s difficult to put into words how important SBI was to my college experience. But, in short, SBI provided me with a game plan for my career and gave me the confidence to compete in the business world, even as a Liberal Arts student.

I’m currently enjoying my junior year here at Villanova. I am an SBI Ambassador and I will spend the semester as an intern working on SBI’s weekly Alumni Update newsletter. I’m also the Publications Coordinator of Alpha Gamma Delta and a member of Villanova’s Student Alumni Association. I look forward to seeing what my last collegiate summer and my senior year have in store!

Ambassador Profile: Drew Houser



Hello, my name is Drew Houser.  I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering major who completed the Summer Business Institute the summer of 2013, after my Freshman year.  Besides SBI ambassadors I am a member of Villanova Singers and in my spare time I enjoy working out, reading, and spending time with friends.

SBI has proven to be a pivotal moment with lasting consequences in my professional, personal, and academic life.  Professionally I have used the knowledge and skills I developed through SBI’s courses to improve my resume, utilize on campus resources, and network in attempts to land a summer internship and find long term employment after graduation.  Having already completed one program last summer, I am currently reapplying my skills to find another.

During the 10 week program I made a great group of friends whom I had not known before and whom I probably would not meet elsewhere. From fellow engineers in my classes whom I had not talked to before to complete strangers in other colleges and years, I am glad to say that I have met some of my best friends through SBI.  One particularly memorable experience is the amount of games I played with everybody during our down time.  From Basketball to Pokemon Stadium to Soccer, there was hardly a dull moment.

I decided to become an SBI ambassador for several reasons.  Encouraging other students to pursue a business minor is the primary purpose of Ambassadors.  Explaining the ins and outs of the program, answering any questions people may have, and encouraging Freshmen to utilize their time off during the first summer break are all rewarding.  Another benefit of ambassadors is the availability of guidance available, such as the academic coursework I need to obtain another minor in the business school.  Free sweaters and insomnia cookies at information sessions are both very nice too.

Ambassador Profile: Celeste D’Orazio


I decided to become an SBI ambassador because I had such a wonderful experience with this program. I made great friends that I might not have met otherwise, and I created relationships with teachers and other professionals which I am so fortunate for. I want to be able to help others who are considering this incredible opportunity, and I consider myself to be a great example of how you can combine your love for your major with a new business minor.

Since graduating SBI, I have just started my role this semester as the new VP of Finance for the Villanova Panhellenic Council Executive board. I was inspired to apply for this position due to my background in finance from SBI. I have the responsibility of developing and working with the sorority recruitment budget and overseeing other finances, but it also allows me to work on a team with 7 other women to promote a more positive image of Greek Life and further unite Villanova’s chapters. I am also continuing my business education as a finance minor, and am taking Fixed Income Markets and Valuation this semester.

SBI gave me the opportunity to pursue the field of financial services which I had not considered prior to this past summer. I always liked working with numbers, but I wanted more than just that. I learned that this industry would be a great way to combine my math skills with my desire to create lasting relationships with people. As a math major, I have developed great analytic and problem solving skills, but SBI allowed me to further improve my creativity and leadership skills through the marketing and management group project.

The most valuable skill that I developed in SBI was the ability to work with a team, and what that truly means. Our team would spend hours upon hours together, and I learned when it was my time to lead, but also my time to follow and listen to others. I will be able to use this skill with my new team on Panhell, and look forward to see what creative ideas we come up with. SBI also helped me to be more aware and involved in what is going on in our world, which is a skill which will serve me greatly for the rest of my life.

Presenting our CE group project to professionals and representatives from QVC was the most valuable and memorable experience of SBI. My team was composed of students with different majors and interests, and I think that is what made us truly bond and respect one another. We all brought innovative ideas to the table and we became more than just a team, but a group of friends working towards the same goal. Some of us were good with numbers, others had unbelievable creativity, and others had astonishing public speaking and presenting skills. This group project made SBI one of my favorite summers ever, despite being in school!

Motivational Monday


Happy super-gray-super-gloomy Monday everyone! It’s one of those Mondays where it really doesn’t need to exist, am I right? Bottom line, motivation is super necessary today.

Another fun fact about me is that I love wasting  spending time on Pinterest. It’s a great black hole of a time spender that has given me insight onto recipes that I’d never try, clothes that I’d never wear, and a wedding that is a years and years away. Nevertheless, I still log in and pin, pin, pin.

One of the tabs to click is quotes and one of the things I found directed me to this sight. It is called 65 Most Inspirational Quotes of All-time and it is a website with awesome pictures and even more awesome quotes one them.

So here are my favorite five with the link to the other 60 and hopefully it makes your day a little less gray and gloomy.

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