Motivational Monday


Happy super-gray-super-gloomy Monday everyone! It’s one of those Mondays where it really doesn’t need to exist, am I right? Bottom line, motivation is super necessary today.

Another fun fact about me is that I love wasting  spending time on Pinterest. It’s a great black hole of a time spender that has given me insight onto recipes that I’d never try, clothes that I’d never wear, and a wedding that is a years and years away. Nevertheless, I still log in and pin, pin, pin.

One of the tabs to click is quotes and one of the things I found directed me to this sight. It is called 65 Most Inspirational Quotes of All-time and it is a website with awesome pictures and even more awesome quotes one them.

So here are my favorite five with the link to the other 60 and hopefully it makes your day a little less gray and gloomy.

charlesketteringbelieveandact johnwoodenmakeeachdayyourmasterpiece muhammadalidontcountthedays robertfrostthebestwayout rogerstaubachtherearenotrafficjams

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